Nunnely retires; Jay Rodgers takes over defensive line

Broncos defensive line coach Wayne Nunnely announced his retirement today after 36 years of coaching. Jay Rodgers, who served as a defensive quality control coach last season, has been promoted to replace Nunnely.

Nunnely worked at the college level for 18 years before coaching the D-lines of the Saints for two years (1995-96), the Chargers for twelve years (1997-2008), and the Broncos for the past three (photos).

The 35-year-old Rodgers is entering his fourth year with the Broncos and is the younger brother of special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers, who begins his second year in that position for Denver.

As part of his released statement, Nunnely said,

It has been an absolute dream come true for me to coach for 36 years. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given to have a positive impact on others through the game of football. More than anything, I am proud of the accomplishments of the teams and players I have been so privileged to work with over the years.

The defensive line will be in good hands with Jay Rodgers, whom I’ve worked with closely for the last three years. He is very deserving of this opportunity, which he has earned through his hard work and knowledge. Jay has many great qualities as a person and coach that will make him successful in his new role.

Rodgers on his promotion:

I’m excited for this opportunity. I am extremely grateful to Coach Nunnely for all I’ve learned from him over the past three seasons.

Head coach John Fox offers praise for both coaches:

Wayne has been an outstanding teacher and mentor for so many players and coaches throughout his career. His passion for the game is something that I greatly admire, and it’s one of the many reasons why he was so valued and respected as a coach.

Jay Rodgers has been fortunate to learn from one of the very best. There is no doubt that his time with Wayne has prepared him for this opportunity that he has earned.

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