No joke, Mike Shanahan interviewed with the Oakland Raiders

Earlier today, we amazed at the post-Crypt Keeper news that the Broncos had given the Raiders an extra day to interview Jack Del Rio for their head coaching job.

Turns out there's been even more of a thawing than could ever have been imagined, as according to Dianna Marie Russini of NBC4 D.C., and confirmed by Adam Schefter, Mike Shanahan also interviewed with the Raiders.

That would be two-time SB-winning head coach Mike Shanahan, who once made it his life's work to destroy the Raiders at every given opportunity.

Shanahan, of course, got his first head coaching job with the Raiders in 1988, but his clashes with Al Davis led to his firing after just 20 games. Adding to the animosity between the two, Shanahan has always maintained that Davis shorted him $250K from his contract.

During the Niners' SB run of 1994, Shanahan even instructed Steve Young (unbeknownst to Jerry Rice) to throw a fly route straight at Davis during warmups. Once back in Denver, Shanny's Broncos defeated Davis's Raiders 21 times in 28 tries, going 12-4 against them before Oakland became a perennial laughingstock in 2003.

But Mark Davis, Al's son, is running the Raiders now, and apparently time (and/or money) heals even the deepest of wounds. Shanahan has also been tied to vacancies in San Francisco, Buffalo, and Chicago, interviewing with the former two.

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