No charges for Dumervil in Miami incident

At a time of year when football news tends to be of the negative variety (injuries), the Broncos instead got some of the pleasant kind today: the Miami-Dade state attorney will not be filing charges against Elvis Dumervil.

Elvis had been arrested last month in Miami under suspicion of having displayed a gun in a threatening manner during a road rage incident. But from the outset, his lawyer and agent both maintained that no charges had been or would be filed.

They even asserted that Elvis was driving someone else's vehicle, and that the weapon found within it by police did not belong to him. Mike Klis later suggested that the gun would be tested for fingerprints to confirm Dumervil's version of events; we've seen no word on whether that actually happened.

But details provided in the 911 call placed by an employee at a nearby Victoria's Secret store did not match those of the alleged victims in the police report.

After practice today, Dumervil said the following (video):

It was a blessing that the investigators took the time and got the truth out and did their due diligence and tried to get things right. I’ve been confident all along –- I know I didn’t do anything wrong. It was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m just ready for football.

I was raised a certain way. Having to make that phone call to your mom, getting out of jail, she was the first person I called. I wanted to make sure she didn’t overreact or get too stressed. She doesn’t take bad news too well. Making that phone call is more than anything what I really remembered from this whole situation. I’m glad to move forward from there.

I knew all along that I didn’t do anything wrong. In that sense, the true fans know the type of person that I am and the way I’ve conducted myself since I’ve been here. I’m just ready to continue my life.

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