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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The other night, we discussed the growing likelihood that Matt Flynn would be Oakland's new quarterback, with glory boy diva Carson Palmer heading to either Arizona as a starter, or to San Francisco as a backup.

According to Peter King, Arizona will be Palmer's destination, and he expects the Raiders to get back either a fourth- or fifth-round pick. As of now, the team has only five picks for 2013, with their second-rounder having gone to Cincy to complete their acquisition of Palmer (LOL), and their fifth-rounder now in the possession of the Seahawks, dealt in return for Aaron Curry (LOL).

But won't the Raiders be turning around and sending another pick to Seattle, in return for Flynn? They will, but King says to expect the compensation to be a 2014 mid-rounder, plus a conditional pick in 2015.

Whatever the price, should be fun times when Flynn is properly welcomed to the AFCW by one Von Miller.


RB Jeremiah Johnson is back with the team on a futures contract, but since he has no remaining PS eligibility, his only hope is to make the 53-man roster. Obviously, we don't see that happening.

The Chiefs and Chargers begin their offseason conditioning programs today, while Denver and Oakland kick theirs off in two weeks.


Green Bay and QB Aaron Rodgers are said to be a good $2M/year apart in their negotiation toward a contract extension. Whatever happens, his deal is (of course) expected to feature an AAV higher than that of Ravens QB Joe Flacco's contract, since being the highest paid player in any sport is all about being the most recent key player to have signed a contract.

Carolina is the latest stop on Giants WR Domenik Hixon's free agency tour; the Bengals and RT Andre Smith reportedly remain far apart on a new deal, and PK thinks a team like Arizona could snatch him away (see MMQB link above).

Cleveland will apparently start their offseason program with Brandon Weeden as their de facto starting QB; with longtime K Phil Dawson having signed with the Niners, the Browns started auditioning potential replacements last week.


Kansas City will host WVU QB Geno Smith today.

The actions of several teams suggest they don't see a top QB prospect in this year's draft crop, leaving Rob Rang to think the list of franchises who might use a first-rounder on a passer is down to the Eagles and LOLJets.

Since the internet is already littered with thousands of mock drafters who think they're the next Mel Kiper, Mike Tanier helps the next crop of know-nothings along their way to being self-professed scouts, providing enough material to create 140 trillion scouting reports.


With some input from old friend Nate Jackson, Patrick Hruby says the new crown of helmet rule is mere posturing by the NFL to make us think a fundamentally unsafe sport can be made safe.

Echoing our thoughts from yesterday, Joe Fortenbaugh says the magnitude of Tony Romo's contract in Dallas is all about timing and leverage, rather than a referendum on how good or great of a QB he is.

Andy Benoit surveys the talent vacuum that is Jacksonville's roster; Khaled Elsayed revisits the 2008-10 drafts of the Cardinals; Mike Tanier lists his five best receivers in the Ravens' brief history.

Chase Stuart continues his excellent thought experiment on roster construction with a calculator for determining how much teams should spend on veterans each year.

Jason Fitzgerald explains the significant difference between the amount of cap space a team is reported to have, and the reality of their functional room to spend.

Fox Sports 1 will try to rival SportsCenter with a highlights and news show of its own, called Fox Sports Live.

PSA: Be on your toes today, my friends!

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