NFLPA okays settlement pending resolution of issues

UPDATE 6:50PM ET - More from Mark Maske...

The owners still could vote Thursday to approve deal even without a players' vote today, according to people familiar with deliberations. The deal is basically in place. It's the resolution of the lawsuit that remains unfinished, and it must be resolved to finish the CBA. NFL labor committee ended its meeting in Atlanta. Full ownership meeting scheduled to begin Thursday at 10 a.m.

UPDATE 5:50PM ET - Mark Maske of the Washington Post is reporting,

Player reps' recommendation to forward lawsuit settlement to plaintiffs is pending resolution of final issues, as @SI_JimTrotter reported. This is a two-step approval process for the players--first settlement of antitrust lawsuit, then ratification of CBA and re-unionization. So no vote yet by all players on CBA but player reps to recommend settlement of antitrust lawsuit to plaintiffs if final issues resolved and have authorized executive committee and De Smith to work out remaining issues with league and finish CBA. Another meeting of player reps would not be required for CBA ratification, just a conference call to recommend approval to all players.

UPDATE 5:35PM ET SI's Jim Trotter has reported the following via Twitter:

Player reps have voted to forward settlement agreement to named plaintiffs, pending resolution of some outstanding issues. Class counsel will continue negotiating with NFL attorneys in hopes of resolving the matter by tomorrow, so owners can vote on it. The players vote is conditional, meaning they're prepared to forward the settlement if certain issues can be resolved with the owners.

Trotter went on to write, "One of the issues presumably is the $320 million the players lost in benefits last season during the uncapped year," although frankly that sounds like speculation on Trotter's part and unlikely. As Ted points out, if there were nine-figure matters still up for debate, nobody anywhere (well, not anyone that we'd cite here) would be reporting that a resolution was close at hand.

UPDATE 3:58PM ET - According to Albert Breer, Brian Dawkins is one of several team reps who have left the players' meeting, and it's Chris Mortensen's understanding that those who have departed have already given their approval for the settlement and their proxies to the NFLPA's executive committee.

Original Entry 11:48AM ET - Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFLPA's team player reps will indeed vote today on the proposed new CBA and "settlement of all legal issues." Contrary to recent reports that the named plaintiffs in the Brady antitrust suit were each seeking unique compensation to sign off on a deal, the NFLPA has decided against pursuing such demands on their behalf.

If the players give the deal their approval - requiring a majority vote in its favor - the owners will then vote to ratify it tomorrow in Atlanta, with 24 of 32 votes needed for passage.

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