NFL pushes 4:15pm kickoffs back 10 minutes

In a move sure to help Broncos fans miss fewer great endings and Denver kickoffs, the NFL announced it will push back all 4:15pm ET kickoffs to 4:25pm ET.

According to the league's research, over the past three seasons, doubleheaders forced TV networks to switch away from 66 games that were still ongoing. The NFL says this 10-minute shift would have prevented 51 of those Heidi-style preemptions.

Although this was likely not a problem for Broncos fans in the Mountain West viewing area, those of us who live elsewhere have all experienced the agony of waiting for some Jaguars/Titans snoozer to conclude while we miss Denver's opening possession or two. Sometimes, of course, this serves to save us from even worse pain, ala the 59-14 drubbing by the Raiders in 2010, when many of us were spared Oakland's first two scores.

As for the 2012 season, this shift will directly impact the starting times of four Broncos games: Week 3 versus Houston (when Rod Smith's name will officially join the Ring of Fame), Week 5 at New England (Peyton vs Brady, rekindled), Week 11 versus San Diego, and Week 17 against Kansas City.

According to Gray Caldwell, it's possible the Week 15 game at Baltimore will be flexed from its current 1pm ET start to the 4:25pm slot.

Here is the full regular season schedule, with updated kickoff times.

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