NFL hit with another bombshell lawsuit

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Although the owners' spring meetings took place on Tuesday, the biggest NFL news of the day came from a courtroom.

As has often been the case of late.

A group of eight retired players, including three members of the 1985 Bears, have accused the league of illegally obtaining and administering risky narcotics and painkillers.

The players allege the drugs were provided them without prescriptions, for the purpose of masking injuries while ignoring their long-term health.

According to former Bears lineman Keith Van Horne, he was "fed a constant diet of pills" to hide the pain of a leg he didn't learn had been broken until five years later.

Says former Bills and Lions receiver J.D. Hill in a statement:

I was provided uppers, downers, painkillers, you name it while in the NFL. I became addicted and turned to the streets after my career and was homeless. Never took a drug in my life, and I became a junkie in the NFL.

Owners Meetings

Roger Goodell says playoff expansion will not happen this season, but he expects approval for it in 2015. But expansion would require NFLPA approval, so as Albert Breer and Jarrett Bell explain, the union sees it as a valuable bargaining chip.

Minneapolis will host SB 52.

No decision was made on the location of the 2015 Draft, but Dan Pompei thinks the draft will someday become a much bigger event than it already is.

Goodell expressed support for NBA commish Adam Silver's decision to drop the ban hammer on Donald Sterling.


Video: BTV discusses the prospects of PR/KR/WR Isaiah Burse.

According to PFT, the team did not submit a formal application to host SB 52.

As the only tight end at minicamp last weekend, Gerell Robinson had the undivided attention of Clancy Barone.

Prior to signing on with the Broncos, linebacker Chase Vaughn was working for National Jewish Health in Denver.

Congratulations to Ben Garland, who will be promoted to the rank of captain by the Air Force this weekend.


According to Mike Freeman, NFLPA officials are "furious" that Jim Irsay has not yet been punished by the Commish.

Baltimore RB Ray Rice struck a deal to avoid jail time over the February assault of his then-fiancee and now wife.

Jeff Fisher says the Rams were "caught off-guard" by Michael Sam's reality show plans, and thinks it's best for the show to take place some other time.


It may have taken awhile, but as Robert Mays points out, Brandon Marshall appears to have matured.

Matt Bowen thinks rookie quarterbacks are better off learning on the job than sitting for a year.

Doug Farrar considers Jadeveon Clowney's fit within the Houston defense.

Matt Borcas recaps Johnny Manziel's eventful first week as an NFL quarterback.

Bucky Brooks discusses the college quarterbacks he's eyeing for the 2015 Draft.

KSK meme-ifies rookie minicamps.


Running backs may be losing value in the NFL, but defenses aren't putting together very long streaks of preventing 100-yard rushing games anymore.

Weighted by snaps played, Denver fielded the league's ninth oldest roster in 2013.

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