NFL, ex-players settle for $765M

The NFL has agreed to pay $765M to settle lawsuits brought by over 4,500 former players and their families regarding the league's handling of head injuries.

The settlement, which has not yet been filed, and must be approved by Judge Anita Brody, was brought about by mediation ordered by Brody in July.

It's reported that $675M of the $765M will go toward compensating ex-players and the families of deceased players who have suffered cognitive injury.

That money is available to all former NFLers, not just the 4,500 or so who filed suit. According to the Times, about half of it will be paid out over the next three years, with the balance dispersed over the 17 years after that.

Up to another $75M will go toward baseline medical exams, while $10M will fund research.

Obviously, $765M is no small amount of money, but the league's risk was seen as reaching into the billions, and we're talking about a $9M-a-year business.

On the other hand, no matter how much fault lies with the NFL - and with this settlement, the league acknowledges no wrongdoing - it can never be known how much of a player's cognitive problems stem from their NFL careers, and how much goes back to their college, high school, or even Pee Wee days.

This seems like a win for both sides, especially for the league. Ex-players will get the care they so badly require, and the NFL has avoided financial catastrophe.

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