NFL discovers mistake, downgrades Broncos compensatory pick

The Broncos' sixth-round compensatory pick has been downgraded to a seventh-rounder after the NFL discovered a math error (the system is so complicated that the league can't even get it right). The sixth-rounder would have been pick #208; the new pick is #250.

Denver already had two seventh-round comp picks, numbers 250 and 251. It's just a matter of semantics, but this new pick pushes the other two down a spot. As for how this mistake occurred, let's turn it over to our friend Nick Korte:

This is tremendously good news to hear at this point, because in evaluating the initial reports to my program, I correctly identified that something was very wrong with the Denver and Pittsburgh picks, and upon further review saw something fishy with the Carolina pick as well.  Let’s take each of these errors one at a time:

For Denver, it made no sense that Emmanuel Sanders (a 5th round value) should cancel out anyone but Wesley Woodyard (a high 6th round value). That notion was strengthened when, after working on adding an adjustment for playing time, it suggested that Knowshon Moreno should be valued as a 7th instead of my initial projection of a 6th.  News of this error not only confirmed my suspicion that Sanders should have cancelled out Woodyard, but it also confirms that I am on the right track with the playing time adjustment that I’ll explain in Part 2 of the evaluation.

A bummer, to be sure. Additionally, Carolina had a comp pick upgraded from a sixth-rounder to a fifth, thus pushing all intervening picks down a notch. As such, Denver's sixth-rounder (their own) is now #203 instead of #202.

Our draft choice tracker has been updated accordingly.

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