New Broncos jersey unveiled

Nike unveiled the new NFL jerseys for the 2012 season at an event in Brooklyn today. As expected, the Broncos will be switching back to orange as their primary uniform color, and the necklines of their jerseys also received a minor tweak (as did several other teams, it appears). Seattle was the only team whose uniforms underwent a significant overhaul.

Nike is taking over as the league's official jersey maker from Reebok, which had held the rights for ten years. Last week, Nike won an injunction preventing their rival from a last-minute cash grab at Tim Tebow's new Jets jersey.

As seen in the photo below via Darren Rovell, the neckline of the Broncos' jerseys will be larger and only partially blue, after being thinner and completely blue in recent years. It also appears the jerseys will be a somewhat purer orange and have less of a sheen than in years past, but that's just from looking from these photos online.

Darren Rovell on WhoSay

There are some better photos over at Nike's official website. (h/t Royalwithcheese)

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