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In case you missed it, the Broncos traded a 2011 fourth-round pick to New England in exchange for RB Laurence Maroney and a 2011 sixth-round choice. A thigh injury apparently kept Maroney out of the Pats’ opener. Although he has been a decent player and scored 9 touchdowns in 2009, Maroney failed to live up to expectations in New England. Before you get too excited about the guy, it is important to keep in mind that Bill Belichick was apparently so anxious willing to get rid of trade the RB that he took for just perhaps 55 or 60 points of draft value in exchange for the former first-rounder.

Brandon Stokley was released yesterday after agreeing to an injury settlement. In three seasons with Denver, Slot Machine had 108 catches for 1,490 yards, 12 TDs and one of the most memorable plays of 2009 and in Broncos history. Best wishes, Stokes!


DP - Mike Klis reports on the Maroney trade and points out that the RB may have missed Sunday’s game due to demotion rather than injury.

*UPDATE* 9:36AM ET - Denver released RB Andre Brown to make room for Maroney on the roster.

DP - Even with recently-admitted mistakes like Pho Smith and Jarvis Green, the Broncos are among the league’s best in terms of dead money. This is a sharp turnaround from the Shanny days; now they just need to start winning…

DP - We might see a couple of recent Broncos starting on the SeaChickens’ O-Line this week - Ben Hamilton and Tyler Polumbus. As mentioned last night, the Broncos made a couple of PS moves, dumping Worrell Williams and losing Lionel Dotson to Miami. They were replaced by DL Jeff Stehle and LB Titus Brown.

Unfortunately, Shannon Sharpe is now in the news for more than being a HOF candidate. He has “temporarily” stepped down from his CBS job in response to some very serious allegations. Sadly, this is not the first time he has made headlines due to domestic issues. More from the DP.

DP - Champ sees a bit of D-Will in the Broncos three rookie cornerbacks Cox, Thompson and Vaughn.

DP - Here’s the first regular-season version of “Dear DP, How come Tim Tebow didn’t play more on Sunday”. What’s the over-under on these things?

Apparently the Jags’ mascot was beating up on a guy dressed as Tebow the other day.

DB - BDawk appeared at a middle-school pep rally to support physical education.

Brian Burke has some advanced Broncos stats for us. The gist is that Orton, Royal and Lloyd were pretty good, while Knowshon and Buck were awful.


The newest editions of the annual “What’s wrong with the Chargers in September” columns can be found here and here.

Evaluating Matt Cassell’s performance on Monday. Meanwhile, the Chefs’ team president quit yesterday.

Jokeland needs to improve on offense. YAWN.

Other Stuff

Reggie Bush gave back his Heisman.

Randy Cross wraps up the week and thinks the Jets got a little full of themselves. Gee, I wonder where they picked that up?

Several players have hit the IR already, including Packers RB Ryan Grant, Jets NT Kris Jenkins, Seattle OG Max Unger, Bears LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and Lions DB Aaron Berry. Colts S Bob Sanders may not be far behind.

This was one of the lowest-scoring opening weeks in recent years. More importantly (and good for the Broncos), a loss in Week 1 is not that big of a deal (small disclaimer: for elite teams, that is. Uh-oh).

Peter King’s Mailbag. Not to get you all excited or anything, but there’s a much better mailbag coming to IAOFM in the next few days….

Hopefully, fans at The Big IF practice better hygiene than those at Turner Field. YUCK!!!!

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