Mularkey reportedly will not interview with Broncos

Because he is pissed that John Elway referred to him as Mark reportedly doesn't want to be distracted from the Falcons' playoff run, Atlanta OC Mike Mularkey will not interview for the Broncos' vacant head coaching position tomorrow night. While ESPN's Adam Schefter cites a source who says Mularkey would be interested in interviewing after his team is eliminated from the playoffs, it's likely a moot point as Denver's coaching search is expected to take only a week or two. Either way, this decision should make it quite clear that Mularkey isn't really that interested in coaching the Broncos. Hopefully it wasn't yesterday's verbal slippages by Elway that made him feel that way...(thanks, ButteBronco!)

UPDATE 12:48PM ET - According to Lindsay Jones, Mularkey is still taking his interview with Cleveland; so his excuse for canceling on Denver is pretty much rendered invalid. Meanwhile, Saints DC Gregg Williams will not be available for interview while New Orleans is still alive in the playoffs. So, either the list of potential coaches is shrinking, or the Broncos' search is going to stretch out a bit longer than the original 1 or 2 weeks Elway had cited...

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