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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Naturally, we're all thrilled by the return of Alex Gibbs to the Denver coaching staff.

But as Gray Caldwell reminds us, Gibbs is back merely as a consultant to aid line coach Dave Magazu in the development of the team's young linemen.

Furthermore, Ben Muth says the combination blocking inherent to the zone stretch requires a massive commitment, both in time and in philosophy.

So we probably shouldn't expect a return to the glory days of the late 90s, but be sure to read Muth's breakdown of what made those teams so dominant running the ball. It's a fine testament to the greatness of Terrell Davis, Gibbs, and his linemen.


Andrew Mason thinks one potential measure of how well John Elway & Co. have remade Denver's roster will be a switch from picking up other teams' discards to having other teams scavenge at the Broncos' scraps.

Mike Klis says Julius Thomas started to really impress Denver's coaches in practice last fall, and he strangely includes Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and a faster offense among the offseason's surprises thus far.

Among undrafted rookies, Klis says WR Lamaar Thomas has captured the coaches' attention, but with Tavarres King surely ahead of him on the depth chart, he figures Thomas is a PS candidate.

Several coaches and players will be in Wisconsin today to attend the memorial service for Eric Studesville's late parents.

While speaking at a football camp alongside Kevin Vickerson, HOFer Lem Barney predicted that football would be gone within two decades.

Chris Hall wraps up minicamp for BTV with a focus on the newest Broncos (video).


WR Victor Cruz signed his $2.87M restricted tender, because the Giants could have reduced it to $630K had he not signed by Monday. The team has reportedly offered him a deal worth $8M per year, but no word on guarantees, which of course is the only point that matters with NFL contracts.

Kansas City claimed DE Austen Lane off waivers from Jacksonville and released DT Daniel Muir; the Jets signed TE Kellen Winslow; St. Louis signed former Raiders S Matt Giordano

The Bengals will again be the featured team on HBO's Hard Knocks.

Sure sounds like Rex Ryan is back to flapping his gums, while hilariously claiming to not care about how he's perceived, and that he'll let others do his talking on his behalf.

Pats owner Robert Kraft finally admits that Vladimir Putin stole his SB ring, and that he hadn't given it to the Russian leader as a gift, as the Bush administration strongly suggested he do.


As Sarah Sprague and Doug Farrar point out, the league's new bag policy is particularly unkind to women. Of course, that the NFL is taking up the War on Women from the wrong side should be a shock to nobody. And as for spectator safety, if the league actually cared about it, would they be sending countless fans out of their stadiums after games to go drunk driving?

While surveying the league for unfilled needs, Bill Barnwell wonders if the Patriots might trot out a base offensive package featuring 22 personnel this season.

Bucky Brooks expects the Cowboys to both run the ball more consistently and be more explosive with Bill Callahan calling plays.

In response to ESPN's list of the greatest coaches, Drew Magary and Dom Cosentino list their 16 worst coaches of all time, with Frank Kush and Josh McDaniels among those receiving dishonorable mention.


PFR has added an Approximate Value metric for kickers and punters, with Jason Elam and Jim Turner coming in at 15th and 16th all time, respectively. If you're wondering, Adam Vinatieri just misses the list, with an AV of 53.

In honor of Football Perspective's first birthday, Chase Stuart takes a look back at the columns he's proudest of.

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