More Tebow Lard 12-21-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Eric Studesville announced yesterday that Tim Tebow will start again on Sunday at home against Houston. Denver also claimed CB Chevis Jackson from New England; apparently there's still a hoarder of ex-Patriots in the Broncos' midst - he must be found and fired! LB Kevin Alexander was released by the team, not long after being arrested on charges of domestic violence - according to the team, pure coincidence.


Here's the video of Studesville's Monday presser.

Mason on the choice to stick with Tebow.

LJ on the decision, plus some notes on the Texans.

Krieger makes the case that Denver needs to use its high draft picks on defense. Oh, and they have to get those choices right, too.

Doug Farrar takes a look at Tebow's 40-yard TD run from Sunday. Somehow, Farrar is impressed that Tebow owned up to the fact that he ran the wrong play. Heck, even Cutler would have done that much...

Details of the Kevin Alexander arrest.


Ah yes, here's Legwold with the "Denver is facing a massive rebuild to recover from the McDaniels Era" narrative. Guess we can't blame him, as this garbage really does work. Folks are still talking about how the 2008 Broncos were thisclose to being a SB contender...

Notes from Klis, who doesn't count fumbled punts in turnover tallies. You know, can't let facts get in the way of a good story.

Continuing with the yarn spinning, Legwold writes it's McDaniels' fault the Broncos' roster is complected mostly of other teams' draft choices. Oh, and Mike Shanahan went with free agents over drafting players only "at times." Part of Legwold's criticism is that McDaniels was two-faced in talking of a balanced roster but using one more than half of his early (5 of 8) and overall picks (11 of 19) on offense rather than defense! Look, it's more than fair to criticize the way McDaniels drafted (see Krieger above). But making s$%^ up just doesn't create a strong case...


Teicher goes over how the West can be won.

Acee thinks the Dolts might use their franchise tag on Vincent Jackson, if there are still franchise tags after this season.

Notes on the Dolts.

Tafur on the progress of LB Rolando McClain.

Jokeland notes from Corkran.


The Eagles lost S Nate Allen for the year.

Mike Silver points out that Packers fans were again rooting for their old guy last night, to no avail.

Mike Lombardi says Sunday's wild Giants/Eagles game was déjà vu all over again.

Pat Kirwan's observations from Sunday.

MJD's most valuable and least valuable players of the week.

Tanier examines an interesting formation the Browns used to score a TD on Sunday.

Here's a story on the original A-11, which features two quarterbacks.

Matt Bowen is alarmed by Austin Collie's third concussion of the season.

Thomas George on the cancer fight of old friend Mike Heimerdinger.

Thankfully, Chris Brown is back to writing. Here, he covers the concept of giving a QB three- and five-step-drop options on the same snap.

Plus, what Brown's been reading/watching of late.

Not sure how I missed this yesterday, but Tebow popped an Ambien on Saturday night!!!


KSK translates PK for our benefit.

Just imagine being a Skins fan and getting a season-ticket letter talking up Shanny and McNabb! HA!

"Goodell focused on Favre probe" Really, who writes these headlines?

Naturally, it was a typical Favruh suckfest in the Worldwide Leader's booth.

If you think the DP sucks (and it does), just take a look at the garbage people read in my neck of the woods. Abominable...

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