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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Picking up where yesterday's thoughts left off, there's been a lot of worry among the fanbase  that the next head coach will be from an offensive-minded background like Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels were, and that the defense will thus be disregarded going forward. Sure, it is a legitimate concern that the next coach and GM pay proper attention to rebuilding the defense, as it was atrocious in 2008 and hasn't fared much better this year. But that doesn't mean the head coach has to have cut his own teeth on defense - he merely has to value that side of the ball and employ a worthy defensive coordinator (and let said DC do his job, of course). In the most meaningless informal of exercises,  I looked at the top half of the league (16 of 32 teams) in terms of points and yards allowed, and it's a mishmosh - in terms of points, seven HCs came from the offensive side, while nine came from the defensive side. Relative to yards allowed, it was eight from Column A, eight from Column B.

Let's also not forget that several of the more notable defensive-minded HCs earned their own acclaim while working for offensive coaches - like Mike Tomlin for Brad Childress, Rex Ryan for Brian Billick, John Harbaugh for Andy Reid, Steve Spagnuolo for Tom Coughlin, and Raheem Morris for Jon Gruden, to name a few. Perhaps these men only earned such recognition because they were on the other side of the ball from their respective bosses, but that doesn't negate the point - there's nothing wrong with hiring an offense-first guy - as long as he brings the right people along with him. In fact, one can only wonder (or at least I can) if the Broncos would be in their current predicament had Dom Capers signed on as Josh McDaniels' DC two years ago (Capers' Packers have improved from 22nd in points allowed in 2008 before his arrival to ranking first thus far in 2010).

So, to recap - it doesn't matter whether the Broncos hire a GM or a head coach first; rather, the two must share a vision and the GM must have legitimate power, but ultimately the head coach is a far more important figure within the organization. It is of less consequence that the head coach be a defensive coach himself, as long as he hires a talented one to join him (and lets said DC do his job).

With all of that said, now go read Ted Bartlett's latest gem, in which he takes you along for a ride with his rational process of analysis. He points out the strengths (important since most Denver fans have forgotten any exist in their rage) and weaknesses of the Broncos' roster and restructures the front office. Finally, TB provides a comprehensive list of HC candidates (40 of them) and narrows it down to his choice, a coach who certainly deserves a head job. I won't spoil it here, because it's a fascinating journey. So read that, and then come back for the news.


NFL Films previews Sunday's game.

Here is Eric Studesville's Thursday presser.

Wesley Woodyard answered questions from fans for Broncos TV.

Tim Tebow, Brandon Lloyd and Champ Bailey spoke to reporters. (Audio)

Robert Ayers responded to questions from Eric Detweiler of the mothership.

Tim Tebow again took the first-team snaps at QB yesterday; Mason shares some insight to perhaps why Tebow wasn't thrown into earlier games.

However, Studesville is still saying the Orton could start on Sunday. Perhaps this is the team's way of sneaking Tebow into his first start with a full week of practice but without the full week of hoopla. Plus, injury notes.

Arnie checks in on the possibility of Tebow Time.

Mason on the extra attention which has shut down Brandon Lloyd the past two weeks.

Lots of legal blabber on the Perrish Cox case. The alleged assault took place on Sept. 6, not in late October as was previously reported.

Meanwhile, the DP is continuing its smear campaign now pointing to the timing of the rape report after first letting out details of who the victim is.


Klis continues the narrative - not only is it all McDaniels' fault, but he's one of the worst Broncos coaches and this is one of the worst Broncos teams ever!!!

Legwold on Tebow/Orton. Plus, his notes. Finally, Legwold goes over some of the ugly numbers the defense has given up.

Legwold also strings along the Hillis/Moreno narrative, painting the two players' statistics to favor Hillis and blaming Knowshon's fine performance of late on the opposing defenses. No mention of Hillis' EIGHT fumbles, and for good measure he says that no other team would likely have drafted Knowshon as high as the Broncos did in 2009.


Tafur on the success of Jokeland OC Hue Jackson and his future.

Jason Campbell is winning over his doubters.

The game will be blacked out in Jokeland, and Tom Cable expects Orton to start.

Notes from Corkran. Plus, McDonald's notes.

The Dolts smoked the Niners last night, with Vincent Jackson scoring three times. Notes on the game from Jenkins.

The Chefs are hoping for more big ST plays. Plus, Teicher's notes.


Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson is now on IR, while Colt McCoy will start the rest of Cleveland's games.

Pat Kirwan previews the week and says it's time for Tebow to play.

Jack Bechta says the Rooney Rule has been effective.

Brian Burke's game probabilities don't look good for Denver.

CHFF says Jokeland, by a lot.

Nike unveiled some new football gear yesterday.


KSK points out that there's good reason for East Coast Media Bias.

Wow. Ray Lewis has his own version of a Snuggie.

KSK checks in on what's going on in the Jets' locker room.

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