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Good Morning, Broncos fans! A couple of weeks ago, Woody Paige grilled John Fox about the playcalling toward the end of regulation in the playoff loss to Baltimore.

And although Fox sort of took the high road, it was apparent from Paige's writing that Fox was at least somewhat laying the blame for the Ronnie Hillman-exclusive approach at the feet of departed OC Mike McCoy.

As per the UTSD, McCoy had the following to say about whose decision it was to run the ball so much:

I’m not looking back at all. We called it. Hey, we called it as an organization and we’re moving forward from there. You can’t worry about that now. It’s over with. We called it. We thought that was the right thing to do and that’s what we did.

Now that he's in San Diego, McCoy doesn't seem to be sweating the past, and who can blame him? He's a head coach now, and who knows - he might still be in Denver, had the Broncos beaten the Ravens, and limited his availability to interview.

Of course, you know where we think the blame lies.


Brock Osweiler says he's been studying how Peyton Manning handles himself down to the most minute of details, and the word out of Dove Valley is that it's paying off.

As if their tragic death wasn't awful enough, the latest news on the accident that killed Eric Studesville's parents is that the truck driver who swerved into their lane did so because he dropped a candy bar.

Pete Prisco calls Chris Harris the most underrated player in the entire NFL, with Wesley Woodyard also mentioned among Broncos; he says Wes Welker is Denver's most overrated player.

In his latest mailbag, Gray Caldwell suggests that Montee Ball is the likeliest rookie to start from the get-go, and he figures we'll mostly see Kayvon Webster on special teams this season.

Ball discussed the league's new crown-of-helmet rule during an appearance on Larry King's show.

Welker drew the ire of a Utah writer and some BYU fans when he tweeted a suggestion at one of their recruits that he'd be better off going to Texas Tech.

Woodyard's youth football camp will make its first stop in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, where he'll be joined by Demaryius Thomas.

Chris Hall and BTV check in on Champ Kelly's latest C.H.A.M.P. Camp (Video).


The NFLPA met with representatives of Roc Nation on Wednesday as they continue to measure the threat Jay-Z & Co. po$e to them.

A day after their visit to the White House, the Ravens received their SB 47 championship rings yesterday. UGH.

Browns WR Josh Gordon has been suspended two games for violating the substance abuse policy; he claims a prescribed cough medicine that included codeine is to blame. On one hand, this could be the new "I have ADHD" since players are pretty much free to say anything when they're hit with drug suspensions; on the other, Gordon could have been suspended four games, so perhaps he's telling the truth. If so, then there's something wrong with the system, because Gordon's version of events shouldn't lead to a suspension.

The LOLJets' injury woes have continued into 2013, to the extent that Buttfumble doesn't even know the names of the guys whom he's been throwing in the general vicinity of.

JaMarcus The Hutt was so impressive in his workout for the Bears that they're not expected to sign him; Bill Will sees lots of similarities between the stories of Russell and Tim Tebow, but evaluators see little in common as far as talent.

Terrell Owens says he'll retire if no team signs him for the 2013 season, and we should all be so fortunate.


It's certainly no surprise to see that teams run the ball less and complete more passes in today's NFL, but who would have expected sack and incompletion figures to be so historically steady?.

No 2012 or 2013 Broncos are among the players to post the worst stats for corners last season, according to FO.

Chuck Noll (#5) and George Halas (#4) are up next on ESPN's list of the greatest coaches in history.


The Packers held a dodgeball tournament on Thursday, and Aaron Rodgers cites his familiarity with the film Dodgeball for helping him lead his team to victory.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are reported to be finally tying the knot this weekend in the Nashville area.

PFT Commenter is starting an appropriate response to Florio's annoying Mt. Rushmore series, starting Monday at KSK.

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