Media Day features all sorts of crazy talk

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As per usual, Media Day at the Super Bowl was a circus of absurdity, attended by either reporters dressed as clowns, or clowns dressed as reporters. Hard to tell.

But there remains serious talk about the long-term health implications of the sport, led by Ed Reed's admission that he's already experiencing memory loss at the age of 34.

Reed's teammate Matt Birk continues to discuss the impact of concussions, and says he hopes the game will be safer by the time his children are old enough to play it.

The NFLPA is putting its money where its mouth is, teaming with Harvard on a ten-year, $100M research project to help improve the long-term health of current and retired players.

Meanwhile, arguments will be heard in April regarding the league's request to dismiss lawsuits against it filed by former players alleging negligence.


Ravens WR Jacoby Jones says that as soon as Tony Carter failed to jam him at the line, he knew the ball was coming his way on his 70-yard game-tying touchdown. Good luck reading that one without dry heaving, or worse.

Mayor Hancock finally paid up his bet with Baltimore's mayor by doing Ray Lewis's squirrel dance on video.

Former Broncos Darcel McBath and Perrish Cox will be suiting up on Sunday for the 49ers, while Wink Martindale is coaching Baltimore's inside linebackers.

According to PFF, Denver had one safety among the league's best in coverage in 2012, and one among the worst, as far as first downs and touchdowns go. Unless you're judging the kid solely on the basis of two (enormous) plays, you'll know that Rahim Moore is the former, and that Mike Adams is the latter.

Not sure what took him so long, but Jeff Legwold decided now's the time to explain why Tim Tebow doesn't make for an NFL quarterback.

Von Miller's top ten highlights from 2012, as collated by BTV.

Super Bowl

Ray Lewis hid behind his God while refusing to talk about his murder case and alleged PED use, although he at least claimed that he thinks everyday about that fateful night. Jarrett Bell says Lewis isn't doing a great job of showing he's anything more than a fraud, while Mike Silver thinks for some reason that Lewis has come a long way since his first Super Bowl.

Randy Moss crazily says he's better than Jerry Rice, and he admits to not liking his secondary role within the 49ers offense, but that he understands and accepts it.

Similarly, Alex Smith continues to publicly accept his having been eclipsed by Colin Kaepernick. Of course, he has no choice, as there's no point in raising the eyebrows of whichever teams are interested in acquiring him. As Nancy Gay notes, the Niners obviously plan to trade Smith rather than simply cut him, but he doesn't have a guaranteed salary for 2013 as she says. Instead, only $1M of his $7.5M salary is guaranteed, and there's a March roster bonus worth $1M and meant to hasten the decision on him.

Niners TE Delanie Walker and P Andy Lee say they see former teammate Kwame Harris no differently with the current knowledge that Harris is gay.

Ravens T Michael Oher would prefer to talk football rather than the already well-known story of his life.


Andy Benoit breaks down the matchup between the 49ers offense and Ravens defense, plus his chronicle of Monday and Tuesday in New Orleans; Bucky Brooks and Matt Bowen analyze the Niners' Pistol offense.

Doug Farrar says Jim Caldwell has added more man-beaters into Baltimore's pass offense, while Ben Stockwell says that Ravens deep passing game could make up for the many disadvantages they face on Sunday. More so when the Niners have the ball, Stockwell thinks the battle will be won and lost at the line of scrimmage.

Farrar details the consistently brilliant job done by Ozzie Newsome in constructing Baltimore's roster.

Former math teacher Mike Tanier has plenty of great reasons to root for Joe Flacco on Sunday, given that the QB is a former high school student of his.

Chase Stuart considers the potential impact of a SB victory on the career legacies of several 49ers players.

Bill Barnwell revisits his own off-the-mark prediction that the Niners would regress from their surprising 2011 season.

Other News

Rob Ryan, who had finally landed a gig with the Rams weeks after he'd declared he'd be out of work "for five minutes," is again jobless, as Jeff Fisher has reconsidered hiring him.

The Vikings are reportedly interested in signing longtime Packers wideout Donald Driver.

Former LOLJets GM Mike Tannenbaum says trading for the Ultimate Teammate™ was entirely his idea.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is looking to upgrade the team's stadium, and he's turning to the government in search of a massive handout.

The Bills, another team whose owner loves to cry poverty, will play one home game in Toronto in each of the next five seasons.

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