McGahee’s release reportedly about minimizing ri$k Lard

Good Morning/Afternoon, Broncos fans! It's been portrayed here and at Dove Valley that the release of Willis McGahee was mostly about getting younger and cheaper at the RB position.

John Fox even made a point of saying that the timing of the move was to allow Willis a chance to catch on with another squad, prompting suggestions that John Elway & Co. are just the classiest bunch around.

But according to Paul Klee, the team wasn't confident in the health of McGahee's injured right knee/leg.

Willis had been cleared to practice, and says he has no physical restrictions, but was only given very limited reps during last week's minicamp, prior to his release.

The logical conclusion from Klee's report is that the team may have been worried that the 31-year-old might suffer a reaggravation of the torn MCL and leg fracture that ended his 2012 season prematurely. In such a scenario, the team would have been stuck paying the entire $2.5M salary that McGahee had been due in 2013.

On Friday, Mike Klis reported that waiting to see that McGahee was able to practice saved the Broncos from a potential $500K injury settlement.

Respectful treatment of a veteran?

Klee's report would actually suggest quite the opposite.

Now, that's not to say the Broncos broke the rules, or even that they did the wrong thing. But we're pretty sure they didn't send Willis packing out of a sense of humanity.


BTW, mark Klee down as expecting to see Ronnie Hillman as Denver's starting running back in September. Also, Tim Cowlishaw says health concerns will likely scare the Cowboys away from McGahee.

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Father's Day/Miscellany

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