McDaniels, Broncos fined $50,000 by NFL

As Jason LaCanfora and Adam Schefter have reported within the last hour, the NFL has fined the Broncos and Josh McDaniels $50,000 apiece for illegally filming the 49ers' practice in London. The story has some wrinkles that Broncos fans will have to sort out for themselves. Apparently, McDaniels refused to view the film that was given to him. Strange days indeed.

Here was the reaction from Josh McDaniels, from the story:

"I apologize for not promptly reporting the improper conduct of our video director before our game against the 49ers in London," McDaniel said in a statement released by the Broncos. "The actions of this individual are in no way representative of the values and integrity held by myself, our players and coaches, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.

"I understand the punishment from the National Football League and support its commitment to the integrity of the game. We have addressed the situation internally to assure that nothing like this happens again." 

So, Broncos fans, the organization did the act, but Josh McDaniels refused to look at the tape? Does this make it any better in your mind?

Thanks to Fat Man Member SpaceCowboy for being so quick on the trigger on this news.

UPDATE 2:30PM ET Here are the official statements from Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels. According to the Denver Post, Broncos director of video operations Steve Scarnecchia has been fired by the club with cause.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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