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Good Morning, Broncos fans! There's nothing new in Broncos Land since last night, so let's open with a look at Peter King's MMQB column for today. Here are our key takeaways, in the order as written by PK:

  • Mike McCoy thinks Manti Te'o will be a three-down player for San Diego, and he claims Philip Rivers can complete 70% of his passes in his offense
  • D.J. Fluker will play right tackle for the Chargers, who are still undecided about their left side
  • PK thinks that if Geno Smith wins the starting job in NJ, Buttfumble will be cut or dealt for a low-round pick
  • King says Amy Trask has done plenty for women in the NFL, and now that she's left the Raiders, we can applaud her for that
  • As PK words it, the idea of hiring Alex Gibbs came from below John Elway, who of course approved of the move


Former Lions WR Titus Young continued his personal crime spree over the weekend, and was arrested for a third time in a matter of days, this time for burglary, assaulting an officer, and resisting arrest.

Tyler Bray Wilson was so impressive in Oakland (in minicamp) that Steve Corkran thinks the rookie QB will give Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor a run for their money in the battle for the starting gig.

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, whose state does not have an NFL franchise, is questioning the league's tax-exempt status, as we have done in this space many times over.


From PFF, a look at penalties drawn by wideouts and pass rushers: Demaryius Thomas (18) and Brandon Stokley (20) make the list for pass catchers, while Von Miller is, of course, among the leaders on the defensive side. This may be a dose of homerism, but I think Elvis Dumervil deserved to have drawn a lot more holding penalties than he did in 2012.

Mike Tanier considers the understated potential in the Texans' signing of punter Shane Lechler, the Rams' addition of Jared Cook, Chicago's signing of Jermon Bushrod, and he ponders Titus Young's troubles.

Jason Lisk ponders whether it matters when, within a season, you face a certain opponent, and he thinks a team made up entirely of Alabama and LSU alumni would be about league-average.

John Clayton heard good things about Montee Ball this weekend out of Denver, and he thinks the Zombies won't shut up until they get a glimpse of how terrible the Ultimate Self-Promoter™ is in practice.

Tony Pauline discusses the Colts' draft.

In a fascinating guest post at ANS regarding the causes of sacks, a Bain analyst suggests that extra receivers are better than extra blockers at preventing sacks.


Richard Dietsch considers the eventuality of a gay broadcaster in the sports world.

The Times-Picayune's move to publishing just three print editions per week has been an abject failure, costing them both readers and advertisers - so they are returning to printing daily editions. Hooray for newspapers and journalism!

Netflix (Arrested Development Season 4 ZOMG!), Amazon, and the like are costing the networks (and their terrible reality TV shows), whose ratings are dropping across the board.

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