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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The ongoing debate over the racist name of Washington's football team has turned up a lot of amateur historians claiming the origin of the name had no racist intent.

Of course, the history shouldn't even factor in that sense, because the name is undoubtedly racist today. But it does matter in terms of setting the record straight. From Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast:

Marshall had made a fortune in the commercial laundry business when he purchased the Boston Braves football team in 1932. His second coach was a man whose mother was thought to be part Sioux. Not known to be—thought to be. And on that flimsy basis, Marshall changed the name, in this coach’s “honor” (even though Marshall fired him after two seasons), from Braves to Redskins. It seems telling that “Braves” was somehow not authentic enough for Marshall.

So that's where the team got its name. But where does redskin come from, since defenders of the slur say it's the equivalent to calling a white person white? Tomasky also goes into the etymology:

They don’t know that it refers to the scalps (and skulls and corpses) of Native Americans, butchered by bounty hunters and delivered by the wagon-full to collect their payments from local authorities who’d authorized the kills. This recent poll that 79 percent of Americans aren’t bothered by the team’s name doesn’t impress me. All it means is that 79 percent of Americans need a history lesson.

History lesson, indeed. (via Deadspin)


Peyton Manning says the offense is trying to figure out how fast it can operate, but he's not sure that's a key to success. 

Champ Bailey has been mentoring Kayvon Webster, as Darrell Green and Deion Sanders had done for him early in his career.

Zane Beadles's biggest regret from the loss to Baltimore is the offense's failure to gain another first down to help run out the clock.

Pete Prisco correctly states that replacing Elvis Dumervil will fall on the shoulders of more than just Robert Ayers, and he thinks Ayers, Shaun Phillips, and Quant Smith will do just fine in that regard. Also, his top-three rankings of Manning, Von Miller, Bailey, and Ryan Clady at their respective positions translates into the Broncos sitting atop his four-pronged rankings.


Steelers tackle Mike Adams is recovering from surgery after suffering stab wounds to his stomach during a carjacking attempt in Pittsburgh.

It seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree; Raiders owner Mark Davis fired his team's PR director, Zak Gilbert (a CSU alum), reportedly because Davis didn't like the way he and his late father were portrayed in a recent SI story by Jim Trotter. 

Atlanta promoted WR coach Terry Robiskie to assistant head coach; San Francisco hired the Mangenius as a senior offensive assistant.

New Colts OC Pep Hamilton says he plans to bring the team's pass/run ratio more into balance in 2013, which presumably should take some pressure of Andrew Luck.


Unlike that of the Broncos, the LOLJets' draft is a very close match to the Cowboys' board. LOLZ.

Gary Myers generously suggests that there are seven teams with worse QB situations than what the LOLJets have. As a thought exercise, would you trade Carson Palmer or E.J. Manuel for Mark Sanchez and his career 55.1% completion rate1? Didn't think so.

Next up on ESPN's list of the greatest coaches in history are the Fat Man, Bill Parcells, and Curly Lambeau.


We're certainly not surprised to learn that Andrew Luck isn't a bigot, and that he thinks that if a gay player thinks coming out would make his life easier, that he should do so.

The recently retired Ronde Barber is expected to join FOX Sports.

Regarding the report that someone in Team Tebow says their boy is done in the NFL, Bob Tebow warns to "not believe all you hear," which of course comes from someone who's devoted his life to saving unreligious savages converting Catholics to his cult.

1 To be clear, completion rate is totally overrated for NFL quarterbacks, but only in the sense that a high rate doesn't mean a guy is any good. However, there is no such thing as a good one in today's game with a poor completion rate, rookies notwithstanding (ie. Luck).

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