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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yesterday, we focused on the misfortunes of Denver's division rival Raiders to try to reduce the sting of the Broncos' shocking loss to Baltimore.

If that didn't help, or if you're still angry over what happened, perhaps we can redirect your ire to some of the things worth hating about the NFL.

For us, topping the list are the long-term health effects for ex-NFLers that we've come to learn about, and the league's dismissive treatment of them over the decades. Along those lines, and to no great surprise, the Seau family filed a wrongful death suit against the league, alleging that it was football's physical and psychological impacts that led to Junior Seau's deterioration and suicide.

Underscoring the NFL's ordering of prioritie$ is news that Tom Brady (appropriately) was fined $10K for his Ty Cobb-style slide against Baltimore's Ed Reed, but incredibly, Frank Gore was fined more for WEARING HIS SOCKS TOO LOW. 

Meanwhile, the NFL bullied a man into abandoning his idea of trademarking "Harbowl" and "Harbaugh Bowl" even though he likely had legality on his side.

GFY, Roger Goodell1.

There is, however, some relief on the way for one of the other things we hate so much about the NFL - announcers like Dan Dierdorf, Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, Dan Fouts, Solomon Wilcots, and Chris Berman.

Sony is producing a sound system that employs NASA-developed technology to block commentary from sporting events. This is preferable to muting the whole shebang, since viewers would be able to hear all of the ambient sounds like crowd noise and whatever's happening on the field.

Unfortunately, this system will only be sold in the UK currently, but perhaps help will make its way over the pond sooner than later.

1 - Yes, we're aware that Goodell merely represents the NFL's 32 owners, and isn't necessarily making decisions of his own free will much of the time. Whenever we tell the Ginger Hammer to GFH, it's implicit that this is really a collective GFY to Goodell and the 32 owners in kind.


Chris Hall and BTV report from the first day of Pro Bowl practices.

Bill Barnwell notes the strangeness of Trindon Holliday's only loss of 2012 coming while he returned two kicks for scores, reminds us that Matt Prater isn't particularly good at making field goals, and hopes for Rahim Moore a redemptive January 2014.

Speaking at the Senior Bowl, John Elway says the pain from Denver's loss hasn't dissipated yet, but he's pleased with where the franchise sits compared to where they were a year ago.

Jeff Legwold says the Broncos will indeed look to add a middle linebacker this offseason, and he's sticking with his notion the team needs to improve how it does when playing conservatively, rather than perhaps play less conservatively. Maybe they should use more two-back sets, amirite?

Mark Kiszla thinks Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey's teammates need to adopt their sense of urgency going forward.


Mike McCoy hired Ron Milus, who was recently dismissed by John Fox, to coach San Diego's secondary; Dennis Allen made Tony Sparano his assistant head coach in and offensive line coach.

Presumably after being advised to by his attorney, Tim Brown backed off a bit from his accusation that Bill Callahan sabotaged the Raiders' chances in SB 37.

Sticks Johnson is reportedly willing to explore a trade of Darrelle Revis, but given Revis's knee injury and desires for a new contract, the LOLJets are highly unlikely to receive the compensation they'd be seeking.

And of course, a LOLJets source (ex-GM Mike Tannenbaum?) called bullshit on Johnson's supposed claim to Ted Sundquist that the trade for the Ultimate Teammate™ was forced upon the owner.


Chase Stuart considers the possibility that John Harbaugh's success could lead to more teams hiring special teams coaches to lead their franchises.

As per usual, the NCAA bungled its investigation of the University of Miami athletic program; Dan Wetzel views this as another example of why the NCAA should allow players to receive endorsements.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

KSK captionizes the conference championships and digs up a pair of gigantic losers who happen to be Ravens fans.

Senior Bowl

With Denver's coaching staff in Hawaii, former Broncos assistants Allen and McCoy are in Mobile without their mentor John Fox.

Mike Tanier, Doug Farrar, Matt Bowen, Bucky Brooks, the Footballguys, Tony Pauline, and Andrew Mason (North, South) recap the day's practices.

Matt Waldman shares notes from Wednesday, offers his perspective on what to take away from the Senior Bowl, and explains how he'd go about changing the event to attract more of the nation's top prospects.

Manti Catfish Crying Game

In perhaps the most bizarre development of the Te'o story, the Daily News is reporting that hoaxster Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who has vocal and dramatic training on his resume, was the voice of Lennay Kekua.

An interview with Te'o will air on Katie Couric's show today, featuring Manti admitting he's a liar, while dad Brian claims his son is not a liar.

Turns out Manti will fit right into the NFL, where several of Shanny's players in Washington were fooled by a fan who misrepresented her identity on Facebook and Twitter.

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