Report: Manning to decide Monday or Tue$day

11:26 pm The 49ers--thus far--aren't commenting on the Manning $ituation.

11:12 pm Jonathan Hutton (Titans Radio): Peyton Manning passed his physical when he visited #Titans on Wednesday. He will workout for TEN Saturday at 10:45a. Don't know where.

It's official: I hate Bud Adams.

10:45 pm Legwold dropping something (knowledge?): So, that's how the Broncos will decide whether or not to keep him, should they sign Manning. If they believe he can develop in a pocket-based, play-action passing game, they would keep him. If they don't think he can, they will try to trade him.

10:11 pm Albert Breer: Per league sources, Peyton Manning has informed clubs that he plans on making a final decision on his future on Monday or Tuesday. People involved aren't convinced he'll stick to that, partially because the process has been lengthy already. We'll see what happens.

10:01 pm More good stuff from Dave Hyde: Fun fact you won't hear discussed much in the media: CAA represents Peyton Manning, Alex Smith and Tim Tebow. Why won't you hear a healthy debate if there's a conflict-of-interest involved here - say, if the agency didn't press San Fran for a deal with Smith knowing their interest would help Manning? Because the media either gets much of its info from CAA and doesn't want to threaten that information pipeline or is represented by CAA themselves. Get informed how info flows, folks

8:00 pm Chri$ Morten$en reported on ESPN that he is 51% sure that Manning would pick a team by 4pm on Monday; further, when he was pressed with a guess on which team it would be, he picked Denver.

Mortensen sat on the 49ers info all week long, he's in bed with CAA, and is probably being fed information from Manning's camp.  Hard to imagine he guesses wrong. 

7:17 pm George Smith reports for ESPN about the meeting between Manning and the Broncos brass; plus, Duke's Chronicle Sports provides a timeline for the day's activity.

6:20 pm Albert Breer: According to a source, the parameters of the 5-year, $90 million deal Peyton Manning signed in August are simply the jumping-off point now. The structure of the new deal could vary -- and likely will provide protections in the case the neck issue resurfaces ... But yeah, big $$$. Colleague @JasonLaCanfora had cap space for clubs on Tues: Denver was at $42.3M, Titans at $25.1M, SF at $20.7M. So based on that, Denver would be the team that could both sign Manning at the aforementioned price, and promise to bring more help.

6:07 pm Darren McKee: Ok here's the deal. The drama is over for today we think. Manning will workout for titans. Bummer for fans wanting manning on that plane sry

6:05 pm Adam Schefter: Steve Young on ESPN on his former 49ers team: "They know they're the best answer for Peyton Manning...that's why they'll probably land him."

6:05 pm Chronicle Sports: To further clarify our earlier report that Peyton Manning did not throw at Duke today Manning moved from field house to separate locker room building very soon after Broncos brass arrived. There were perhaps 5 mins when Denver staff and Manning were in field house together. May have thrown (very briefly) during that time.

6:02 pm Mike Klis: OLB Geno Hayes, a three-year starter for Tampa Bay, visited the Broncos today. So there were 3 FAs in Broncos building today: LB Geno Hayes, LB Jameel McClain, CB Marcus Trufant. Who'd they meet with, the cook? There was some speculation Broncos owner Pat Bowlen went to Durham to watch Peyton Manning. Not true. He was in his Broncos office.

5:20 pm Still waiting on confirmation Tebow will drop "2" from GB².

5:10 pm Cardinals official statement regarding their failed attempt at Manning: "...acquiring Peyton Manning is no longer an option for us..Since the end of last season, we made it very clear that our plan was to head into 2012 with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, let the process play out and — like at every position — go with the quarterback who gives us the best chance to win...Obviously something very unique and unexpected presented itself."

5:03 pm Darren McKee: Just heard that the titans financial offer is similar money but in less years plus stuff with the team when he is done. More money quicker

4:42 pm Elway continues: Watching him throw today was the next step in this important process for our team and Peyton. It was a productive visit and went well.

Elway choosing his words carefully, but this second tweet sound promising.  The fact that there are more steps to go tells you something. 

4:35 pm John Elway himself: We enjoyed visiting with Peyton today in N.C. He threw the ball great and looked very comfortable out there.

Hmmmm.  This doesn't sound promising.  The Broncos have been silent this entire time and now they are talking? Or maybe he's tweeting with new-found confidence?  Who knows?

4:34 pm Scott Hanson: Here's what we just reported: PM & Broncos just left Duke indoor field -- Tenn will work him out "soon" (wknd?) -- 49ers in mix... And.....Miami and Arizona are out. (Kolb option picked up.). @nflnetwork will have live updates through the day...