Manning still hasn’t informed anyone of anything

3:38 am Brandon Spano: Interesting that two local news sources had to take down negative Tebow news.Coincidence?

The links appear to be from Fox31 and KWGN. Who knows what this means.    

2:21 am Adam Schefter: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Manning still has not informed any of the three teams when to expect a decision, according to sources.

Schefter Tom Condon decided to put this out there at 2:21 am (?) due to a report/rumor that Manning's signing with the 49ers was imminent. Of course Manning hasn't said anything yet. Tom Condon has to figure out what he's going to do with Alex Smith first.  But it's great to see $chefter and Morten$en working together for Team CAA as employees of E$PN.

12:28 am Public enemy #1, Mike Silver, is getting the vibe that Tennessee will sign Manning.

11:52 pm The 49ers signed Mario Manningham to a two-year deal.



10:31 pm Local media starting to wilt on Manning landing with Denver.  Klis doesn't think Broncos are the favorite to land Manning; Darren McKee believes it will be the Titans.

10:20 pm Looks like Daniel Fells will be visiting the Patriots on Monday.

9:10 pm Vic Lombardi: Brady Quinn hoped to stick with the Broncos, but the Manning delay forced his hand. Agreed to terms with KC. Hasn't signed yet.

8:00 pm According to Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), the last week of Manning Watch won't bother Tebow because he puts faith above football: ...if anyone thinks Tebow is going to get rattled by the Manning circus, then they just haven't been paying attention. How many times does he remind people that football is secondary to his Christian faith, that providing hope to those less fortunate is what drives him? 

7:29 pm Brady Quinn will now pray in private for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He just reunited with former coach Romeo Crennel.

7:15 pm According to Klis, Peyton Manning celebrated his anniversary today--somewhere in the Smokey Mountains.

OMG, y'all.  O.M.G. This must mean Denver doesn't stand a chance.

7:00 pm Speculation from John Clayton that, should they land Manning, the Broncos will trade Tim Tebow to the Patriots.

4:48 Paul Kuharsky (NFL Nation) reports: One report out of Denver, however, said the Broncos now have diminished expectations about landing Manning. 

Paul provides no link to said report, so we have no idea what the hell he is talking about.

4:14 pm Mike Klis: I sense Broncoland has started to lose some confidence in whether Elway-Fox-Bowlen can land Peyton Manning. I still like their chances

Klis continues to be the most confident man in Denver.

12:21 pm Brodrick Bunkley will visit the Saints tomorrow in what is believed to be his first team meeting.


10:46 pm Apparently, the Seahawks have an interest in Alex Smith should the 49ers land Manning.  

Got it straight now? Depending on Manning's destination, the 49ers will dump Smith, the Titans will dump Matt Hasselbeck, and the Broncos will dump Tebow.

8:30 pm Someone finally had the guts to say it: Tom Condon has a conflict of interest.  

So does Chris Mortensen, but we'll save that for another day.

7:30 pm This whole Peyton Manning thing may cause Alex Smith to leave CAA.   Mike Florio writes: The 49ers’ interest in Manning likely is real.  And the Niners hope to keep Smith on the line until they decide what to do with Manning.  Smith may think that his leverage with the 49ers would increase if his agent were to start shopping him to other teams.

2:59 pm Titans GM Ruston Webster: This morning we traveled to Knoxville and had a workout with Peyton. I thought he looked comfortable throwing the ball and we had a good visit. This is another important step in the process.

Looks like Webster wanted to zing John Elway.

1:19 pm Steve Young thinks the Niners will land Peyton:

Trent Baalke laid low, he did the research, Jim Harbaugh threw with Peyton Manning. They didn’t get in the front pages. They know that they are the best answer for Peyton Manning. They know they have the best defense in the league to offer. They know they have the offensive weapons. They know they have Jim Harbaugh. They know all the pieces in place for Peyton Manning. It is the best opportunity for Peyton Manning. They knew it, and they waited for the wannabes to exhaust themselves, and then they came in right at the end, and that’s why I think they’ll probably land him at this point.

12:24 pm John Clayton thinks the Titans are leading the Manning race, followed by the Broncos and then Niners.


11:22 pm In addition to inking Brady Quinn, the Chiefs signed ex-Texans RT Eric Winston.

8:24 pm Brandon Lloyd follows Josh McDaniels and signs with the Patriots.

Josh, I'll tumble 4 ya; I'll tumble 4 ya; I'll tumble 4 ya, I'll tumble 4 you!

5:45 pm Philly re-signed G Evan Mathis.

5:44 pm Adam Schefter: Chargers have agreed to terms with tight end Randy McMichael on a two-year deal.

5:35 pm New England has signed ex-Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez.

2:15 pm Cincy signed ex-Panthers guard Travelle Wharton; Seattle added former Titans DT Jason Jones.

12:21 pm The Rams have signed former Dolphins DE Kendall Langford.


3:42 pm Oakland met with CB Shawntae Spencer, recently of the Niners.

2:16 pm Mike Tolbert is apparently unlikely to end up in Pittsburgh; Jerricho Cotchery will visit the Chiefs next week; New England wants to get BLloyd but at a lower price.