Manning throws for Denver, Elway finally tweets the obvious

4:17 New Manning thread started, you freaks!

4:16 pm Vic Lombardi responds to questions of Why?: Cuz it was a physical. And a plea.

4:10 pm From Duke's Chronicle Sports: Elway, Fox, Manning and Co are leaving now. Manning did not throw a pass today. Odd development

3:26 pm Mike Klis is correcting the financial figures he cited earlier: My previously reported contract parameters for P. Manning were too low. Broncos, Titans, 49ers working off his old five-year, $90 mil deal. The old Manning deal paid him $26.4 million in 2011, even though he never took a snap. He was to get $35.4 mil this yr, but did not. His deal called for him to make _ gulp! _ $61.4 mil over 2 yrs; $69 mil over 3 yrs. Broncos understand the parameters. They're in.

2:57 pm Mortensen says Manning will work out for the Titans within 2-3 days, and the Cardinals are basically out; he also says the Seahawks had parked a jet in the Denver area while Peyton was visiting the Broncos, hoping to secure a meeting with the QB.

2:45 pm Brandon Stokley told Dave Krieger: I think he's just trying to find the right fit and the right chemistry with the coaching staff and the philosophies and make sure they're kind of on the same page. I think that's really high on his list. I think moving forward he's kind of taking his time, (although) he's been rushed around. I don't know where his head's at as far as what team he's going to pick, but I know that he's going to do his due diligence and whatever team he finds, he's going to make it a lot better and a lot more competitive right away.

2:42 pm Mike Sando, who covers the NFCW for ESPN: This does not necessarily make the 49ers a favorite for Manning. It could help explain why the 49ers have not quickly re-signed Alex Smith during the opening days of free agency, despite a longstanding pledge to bring him back for 2012 and beyond. The 49ers' involvement, rather than causing a delay with Smith, might also reflect the state of negotiations. It is possible Smith is asking for more money than the 49ers are offering, leading the team to explore options that could, in turn, bring Smith back to the table.

2:30 pm Doug Farrar: The football fit is obvious -- it would make the 49ers just about unbeatable on paper. Q is how two hard-ass control freaks would co-exist. Unlike a lot of coaches, Harbaugh doesn't have to defer to anyone. He's the guy who developed Luck. Turned Alex Smith's career around. CAA reps Smith and Manning, and I think it would be a win-win. Smith on an open market desperate for QBs could inflate his value.

2:23 pm According to Niner Cap Hell, the 49ers are about $19M under the salary cap for 2012 - leaving them less than half the room Denver has.

2:21 pm Chris Mortensen: Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman watched Manning throw at Duke on Tues night; impressive enough to send doctor next day to give physical exam. Despite speculation Broncos have GM Brian Xanders or "money people" present, no decision or signing will happen today w #Broncos. Contract parameters w these teams are basically in place; as we've previously reported, Manning offering all teams protection re: neck

2:15 pm Adam Schefter: From @mortreport and me: Even before he worked out for Broncos, Peyton Manning worked out for 49ers and underwent a physical this week.

2:05 pm As we've suspected...Chris Mortensen: Filed to ESPN: Third team in Manning race that has emerged is 49ers - Manning worked out for Harbaugh & took physical this week. So, barring a surprise, once Manning throws for Titans, it looks like Broncos, Titans & 49ers as finalists. He's NOT visited 49ers facility

1:48 pm Mike Klis says the Broncos' offer to Manning is in the neighborhood of $60M over five years with $30M guaranteed. He quotes a source who says, "We're still in it. We don't know. We'll know more over the weekend." Klis notes that Denver has roughly $15M more in cap room than do the Titans, and he of course says the Broncos are hoping to sign Peyton today and are likely willing to increase their offer if they are impressed by Manning's throwing.

Something strange about these numbers, right? Granted, it doesn't seem likely Manning will play for another five years, and with NFL contracts it's all about the guaranteed figure, as we all know by now. But still...there's just no way the average annual value of the contract Manning signs - with whichever team he goes to - will be anywhere near this $12M figure cited by Klis.

1:43 pm Dave Climer: More unnamed sources showing up on the Peyton Manning watch. Let the fan beware: Only Manning knows what he will do. And he ain't talking.

1:40 pm No joke, ESPN is showing a live feed of the white van carrying Elway & Co. to see Manning.

1:14 pm The Denver brass have landed at RDU.

12:58 pm Nashville radio host Clay Travis writes in his latest blog post:

The Titans are the leader right now...The Broncos are aware that they aren't the proverbial leaders in the clubhouse. That's why they are scrambling to make a final, sweetened pitch.

Adams wants Manning to buy into the Titans franchise when his playing career is over.

That can't be done while Manning is still playing because it violates league rules, but Manning has been provided guarantees that he will be able to purchase a share in the team when his playing career is over.

11:50 am Mike Lombardi: Manning will throw for the Titans as well, no date has been set for that workout

11:43 am Dave Hyde: Love how Tebow's agency, which is Manning's agency, is "leaking" the "idea" Dolphins might be landing spot for Tebow. How the game is played

11:33 am Mike Freeman is hearing that there are other teams waiting to jump into the Manning derby; he acknowledges this could be po$turing, but also says he believes the chatter. Again, the Niners have not yet signed Alex Smith...

11:30 am Mr. B's plane can still be tracked at Flight Stats and Hello Flight.

11:15 am Albert Breer: Of course, the Broncos' goal would be to have Manning on board that private jet whenever they come back to Denver.

11:00 am Jeff Darlington: A few bits of info on Peyton/Dolphins as learned from multiple sources during phone calls and texts this morning...Owner Stephen Ross, GM Jeff Ireland, coach Joe Philbin and staff all flew to Indy. Ross got to make his pitch to Manning – not just Philbin. The Dolphins never got the sense adding Reggie Wayne would help land Peyton. Wayne, source said, was always headed back to Indy for big $. Manning liked Miami’s roster – but the Dolphins could never provide the familiarity he desired. That was biggest shortcoming, they believe. Dolphins told Manning that Marshall might or might not be with team. They made no guarantees, and Manning's opinion wasn't going to matter. Marino reached out but didn’t lock up meeting, sources said. J. Taylor, Bush & others also helped in process to raise Peyton’s familiarity. 

10:56 am Pat Bowlen's plane is no longer available for public online tracking.

10:45 am Vic Lombardi: If PM were already a Bronco, he'd be coming here. They wouldn't be going there. Titans still major threat.

10:30 am Wheels up

10:29 am Adam Schefter: Broncos traveling party includes Exec VP John Elway, HC John Fox, OC Mike McCoy, QB coach Adam Gase, GM Brian Xanders and a medical team.

10:26 am Vic Lombardi: Lot of things going on right now. Not a done deal by any means. This doesn't mean they're flying back with Peyton Manning. As I said, all in. As I've reported - with much scrutiny -the deal was all but done Sunday night. Tenn got involved. Money became huge factor. Still is.

10:24 am Darren McKee: Besides Elway that was spotted at centennial I have people on the ground that spotted other members of the broncos brass there too. Wish em good luck. Today could be the day 3/16. Or 3:16. Btw mannings wedding anniversary is tmrw and his birthday is in a week and his soon to be one year olds bday is the 31st. Also i didn't pay much attention to it yesterday but there was a RUMOR re Tebow will be traded to SEA for draft picks. Again that is just a rumor! But it's a rumor that makes sense. Again that is just a rumor

10:23 am Pure speculation from Mike Florio that Tim Tebow could end up in Miami if Denver lands Manning.

10:19 am Adam Schefter: ESPN has learned Peyton Manning is working out for the Broncos today, but he does not make them the leader.

10:13 am Chris Mortensen: Peyton Manning will work out for #Broncos today at Duke University. Indoor facility, as of now. Part of process, per sources. #ESPN

10:08 am Mike Klis: It’s not known if the Broncos are going there to close the deal with Manning or have a second meeting or watch him work out. It’s also not known if the Tennessee Titans will be making a similar trip.

10:05 am Vic Lombardi: Just confirmed Elway headed to Centennial

9:52 am Jeff Darlington: Peyton Manning personally contacted Dolphins on Thursday to advise them he wouldn't be signing with Miami, multiple sources have told me.

9:49 am FWIW, the plane belonging to Bud Adams is not currently scheduled to make any flights.

9:27 am Pat Bowlen's private jet is scheduled to depart for Raleigh, NC - a few miles from where a certain quarterback has been working out of late