Titans offer Manning contract “for life”

1:49 am Missed this earlier, but Mortensen says the Broncos are still in the hunt, but is willing to talk to other teams.

Translation: Tom Condon is still looking for ways to jack up the price.

1:00 am Andrew Mason: For the record, I believe the chances of a Peyton Manning "lifetime" contract passing NFL muster are slim to none.

12:30 am ESPN confirms Bud Adams did not attend meeting between Titans and Manning. 

12:12 am KHOU TV, Houston: Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams tells KHOU 11 Sports reporter Matt Musil that he has offered free agent quarterback Peyton Manning a contract "For Life" to stay in Tennessee...Bud Adams added that he "feels great" about their chances to land Manning.

Well now, isn't this precious.  Adams hasn't just been sippin' on grandpa's cough medicine, he is the cough medicine.  No word yet on how Adams fits this under the cap.

11:55 pm As we approach midnight, my friends, who ya got?  El viejo loco, Bud Adams, or el hombre, John Elway?  

Personally, I'm waiting for Bud Adams to show up to Dove Valley with a shotgun and scream, "you kids get off my lawn!"

11:35 pm Vic Lombardi: I'll say this again, the longer Manning takes to make his decision, the better for the Broncos. As long as he decides before the draft...The Titans team doctor who examined Manning tonight is named Burton Elrod ..... advantage Broncos.


11: 27 pm That tool Skip Bayless: Please, Peyton, pick Denver. #FreeTebow. #TebowToJags.

11:26 pm According to Brandon Spano, the following happened over the past several days:

  1. The Broncos and Manning had a great visit, and when he left Dove Valley, Manning said he was likely to become a Bronco; Spano speculates there was a handshake deal;
  2. Manning was unimpressed with the Cardinals; the Cardinals were never a threat;
  3. Miami was barely a threat; 
  4. The Broncos have had two straight days of contract talks; further, after Manning's Miami visit, he was about announce to the world he was coming to the Broncos;
  5. There were two trips with the Titans that were close to being cancelled by Manning because he didn't want to waste the Titans' time.
  6. At that point, a source inside the Broncos said that the "sky would have to fall in" for the Broncos not to get Manning;
  7. Bud Adams went loco and personally called Manning and decided to drop the sky; the visits with the Titans were back on; Adams even went so far as to ask the Governor of Tennessee to call Manning;
  8. Adams is going to offer everything humanly possible to do this deal.

A lot of this stuff (contract negotiations, for instance) can be confirmed by people like Adam Schefter.  It does make for good fodder, however.

8:22 pm Von Miller: How scary would that be if we got Mario Williams? Lebron, dwade, and bosh did it..I would take a huge pay cut to get Mario Williams and Peyton Manning! I just want to win!!! #BroncoNation it's our time! I'm "positive" Tim wouldn't mind competing with Peyton... "We" all could learn something from Mr. Manning. #truth Mario and Manning = I will play this season for free, super bowls are priceless!!!

6:32 pm Omar Kelly: Denver pushed for Paul Soliai to visit, but Miami was where his heart and family preferred to stay.

5:15 pm Omar Kelly: Paul Soliai is preparing to re-sign with the Dolphins. He's scrapped his plan to visit Denver. Dolphins have retained their nose tackle.


10:00 pm It looks like Manning is finally leaving the Titans facility.

8:51 pm Lionel Bienvenu: Manning still inside Titans facility. Dinner was brought in. Meeting now 5 hours long. Titans private jet still waiting...

Plus, in this tweet, Bienvenu says the Broncos had a team doctor present for their meeting with Peyton as well

7:42 pm Clifton Brown thinks the Broncos still hold the advantage, for what that's worth.

7:40 pm Peyton Manning is still at Titans HQ, and NFLN just showed that the team's doctor walked into the building about ten minutes ago

7:32 pm Jeff Darlington: Call it leverage... hot air... whatever. But source close to Manning says Dolphins aren't out of it "at all" even if "trailing in the race."

5:50 pm UGH. Lionel Bienvenu: heard a few days ago that Bud Adams would offer Peyton a front office position after he retires...apparently that is being offered right now. Maybe Peyton would be the Elway of the Titans post-retirement....

5:07 pm On NFLN, Jason La Canfora thinks the Broncos are barely ahead in the Manning sweeps, while Mike Lombardi favors the Titans by a touch. Kurt Warner agrees with Lombardi; he and Mooch are both convinced Peyton wants to be in the AFC.


8:12 pm Omar Kelly: The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Chad Henne. Means Matt Flynn will be in play for Seattle during tomorrow's meeting.

Guess they won't be in the market for another quarterback

7:37 pm Chicago retained TE Kellen Davis.

7:34 pm Kevin Acee: Chargers agree to terms w/ RB Le'Ron McClain. 5-year vet has ave 3.8 yards per carry. Tolbert didn't stick in KC, now has replacement in SD.

7:28 pm Kansas City signed Peyton Hillis to a contract which Omar Kelly says is a one-year deal worth $3M

7:28 pm Jacksonville gave Laurent Robinson $14M as part of a five-year deal

6:03 pm PFW: #Cardinals have signed OL Adam Snyder. Formerly of the NFC West rival #49ers.

5:10 pm PFW: More cuts: #Panthers let go of P Jason Baker, #Browns get rid of OG Eric Steinbach.

4:58 pm Philly re-signed DeSean Jackson

4:58 pm Carolina re-signed Derek Anderson.


7:51 pm Mario Williams is staying in Buffalo tonight as the two sides keep trying to work out a deal.

6:25 pm Jason La Canfora: TE Kevin Boss on his way to visit KC. Chiefs had a lot of interest in TE John Carlson but he signed in MIN #freeagency

6:24 pm Oakland is hosting Texans G Mike Brisiel.

6:22 pm Sounds like Mario Williams will be leaving Buffalo tonight without an agreement.

5:21 pm The Eagles are reportedly working on an extension for LeSean McCoy.

4:58 pm Eddie Royal is still talking to Washington and others about a deal