Miller: Manning will leave Denver without deal, may visit Arizona and Miami

3:13 AM Klis: An NFL source said Manning may also visit the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, but those trips have not been scheduled. 

2:00 AM According to Mark Long, the Jaguars will not pursue Tim Tebow as long as Gene Smith is GM.

Who knows if Shahid "Chaka" Kahn has weighed in on this news.

1:56 AM Darren McKee: Rumor revision the dinner was only with 6 people at the men's grill upstairs. Bill in foxs name. Thems the rumors

12:37 AM Darren McKee: Just found out manning still at cherry hills cc. The club is closed but fox Elway manning all still there! C'mon boys keep him here!

12:11 AM Gary Miller: Manning wants to see what else is out there. He will go to Arizona tomorrow after short get together with Broncos in morning.

12:06 AM Gary Miller is reporting on CBS4 that Manning will depart tomorrow without a deal, as he is intent on making his other scheduled visits, presumably with Arizona and Miami. According to Miller, if the Broncos are able to sign Manning, they will try to trade Tebow, most likely to Jacksonville. If they don't land Peyton, then Tebow is still the starter heading into camp, as Miller tells it.

11:56 PM Shelley Smith on ESPN says Manning and the Denver brass may in fact continue their meeting tomorrow morning

11:32 PM Tim Tebow was in Tampa tonight to honor a wounded Army Ranger and had no comment on the Broncos' pursuit of Manning.

11:18 PM Who else but Shanny & Snyder? Adam Schefter: Trade will not change Redskins plans in pursuing Peyton Manning. Intend to talk with and try to sign him, even if considered a longshot.

11:16 PM Mike Klis is changing his prior report: Yes, Peyton staying overnight. But no plans yet for tomorrow.

10:45 PM Count the Jets out of the Manning sweeps, if you hadn't already. They've agreed to a contract extension with the Sanchize.

10:27 PM Mike Klis: Make that visit with Manning has gone well so far. He and the Broncos will continue to meet Saturday morning. It's serious folks.

10:18 PM Mike Klis: According to Broncos source: Peyton manning will spend the night as planned and regroup from there. Trip went well.

Anyone else think Vic Lombardi has better sources than the DP guys? We heard for much of this week from Paige and Klis that the Broncos had no shot at Manning. Whether he ends up in Denver or not, it's pretty clear they have a real chance.

10:01 PM Darren McKee: Gotta correct myself. False rumor. He is At cherry [hills] cc having a dinner w mr b and Elway. Sry for the false report. You know those rumors.

9:26 PM Speculation from Bill Barnwell: A Tebow trade with Manning on board would be much easier. Suspect the Jags would be amenable to giving up #39 + a situational pick for him.

9:20 PM Andrew Mason: Peyton has left Dove Valley. Police escort to accompany the car w/ Peyton and other Broncos officials. A flood of cars now leaving Broncos headquarters.

9:04 PM Darren McKee: Got it on good authority that manning will spend the night I'm headed to Pepsi to stalk

8:32 PM Vic Lombardi: After fours hours at Dove Valley, Manning is doing what all QB's do - watching tape.

6:30 PM According to 104.3 The Fan, Archie Manning is also in Denver.

5:58 PM D-Mac says he texted Brandon Lloyd to ask if he'd come back to Denver if the Broncos sign Manning. BLloyd's response: Of course.

5:27 PM Mike Chappell: Source says Colts have terminated contracts of Brackett, Clark, Addai, Bullitt, Painter. "It's a whole new team,'' source said.

5:00 PM Vic Lombardi: I have details of another big Broncos story about to erupt. Need to confirm one thing. Stay on CBS4. Unrelated to Manning. Sorry. Cant reveal until I get confirmation. I'd rather be right. Should have something by the evening news.

5:00 PM Scott Hastings with 104.3 The Fan says that Manning will be at tonight's Nuggets game against the Hornets.  Should be a fun time: the Hornets are terrible.  

4:34 PM Vic Lombardi: Seriously, I'm told the meeting could last a while. It's open-ended. The Broncos want him to leave here with a CONTRACT IN HAND. Money not the issue here. Broncos willing to play ball. I guarantee they're talking personnel and offense in that office.

4:15 PM Eric Decker and Chris Kuper have apparently just arrived at Dove Valley. Friday afternoon rehab, or recruiting visit?

3:57 PM From the DP: Rest assured, money will not be an issue, according to an NFL source. Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is prepared to do whatever it takes to land Manning...Bowlen took a redeye flight late last night from his Hawaii residence and is at his Dove Valley headquarters office awaiting Manning's arrival. The Broncos do have the financial resources and salary cap room, the source said, and are willing to do what it takes to sign Manning.

3:42 PM Peyton Manning has landed in Denver

3:29 PM Andrew Mason and friends are staking out the airport for Peyton's arrival.

3:15 PM Mike Lombardi: If the Broncos were to offer former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore an full time job, might be a smart play

2:53 PM Unrelated to Manning, Jason Cole says the Broncos figure to be one of the teams interested in signing our old "friend" Cortland Finnegan (second-to-last paragraph).

2:47 PM Bill Williamson: Manning will likely take a physical and throw for the Broncos and the Broncos are expected to make a hard financial pitch to Manning. It is likely that Manning will visit other teams, but the Broncos have to feel good about getting their hands on him now.

2:42 PM ESPN: The sources said the order in which Manning visits specific teams will not reflect the order of his preferred choices because, as one source said, "There is absolutely no preferred choice at this time. This is typical (Manning) doing his own research because it's a first-time and only-time process from a free-agent vantage point. Physically seeing facilities and the geography of cities that he is not acquainted with is part of his own research."

3:00 PM Per Matt Miller, Rich Eisen says Jags owner Shahid Khan "would fly the plane himself" to bring Tebow to Jacksonville

2:59 PM CNBC: Chiefs owner Clark Hunt acknowledges the Chiefs will make a play for Peyton, if it's not too late for them.

2:22 PM Vic Lombardi: Entire Broncos front office will visit with Manning. If they get him, they may be inclined to trade Tebow. Not a certainty. I'm also told the Cardinals are a bigger threat than the Dolphins. Dome. Division. Whisenhunt. Time to work. Last point: the Broncos have been working this Manning project for weeks. They didn't just stumble into this.

2:21 PM Armando Salguero: I've been told Manning's decision is basically Arizona or Miami. Denver's John Elway would have to fashion a DRIVE type rally to get him.

2:38 PM Dave Krieger sees the same reasons we do as to why Denver is a good fit for Peyton.

2:23 PM John Clayton: Manning to Denver makes sense. Tim Tebow is the choice of the fans but Manning is the one name that can trump Tebow.

2:20 PM Chris Mortensen: Manning's trip not a negotiation; does not reflect Broncos as 1st choice, per sources. It's Manning research. Other trips planned.

1:58 PM Vic Lombardi: Just found out when and where Broncos and Manning will meet. Stay tuned to CBS4 all day. I believe the Broncos are the favorites now.

1:57 PM Gary Miller: Manning sweepstakes appears to be down to Broncos, Dolphins and Cardinals. Meeting with Broncos first, doesn't mean they're the favorites.

1:40 PM To take this to the next level (if you dare), follow Mr. B's plane here. (h/t Bert Jan Brands)

1:28 PM Pat Bowlen's plane reportedly dropped the Denver brass off in Stillwater, OK for the OSU pro day. From there, it apparently made a round trip to Miami and is due to land in Stillwater shortly. From there, it is expected to head back to Denver this afternoon or evening, potentially with Manning, Elway, Fox, and Xanders among those on board.

1:20 PM Mike Klis and Woody Paige are reporting that the Broncos and Manning will meet today

1:05 PM Albert Breer: I've heard similar things to what @SI_PeterKing tweeted: Denver's a real player in the Manning Derby. Last night, one executive involved in this quarterback derby provided me these two words: "Watch Denver." 

1:02 PM Mike Lombardi says the 49ers, Texans, and Titans are all interested in Manning but are "working behind the scenes for now."

12:30 PM According to Mark Maske, the sense in Washington is the Redskins have a better chance of landing RG3 than they do of signing Manning.

11:20 AM Adam Schefter says the media coverage in Miami this week has been a turnoff to Peyton.

11:15 AM Adam Teicher says Spano's report is false, and that the Chiefs have only expressed interest.

10:49 AM Vic Lombardi: And don't discount the role John Fox will play in this. Manning wants a coach who will let him run the offense. Definitely not Washington.

10:22 AM Gary Miller: Do I believe Broncos "desperately" want Manning? Yes. In their perfect world, they get PM and trade TT.

10:18 AM According to Brandon Spano, the Chiefs offered Manning a contract yesterday.

10:00 AM Peter King: Denver wants Manning "desperately,'' one competitor for Peyton tells me. Now, people, understand this: Miami, Jets, Seattle and I'm sure 3 or 4 others want Manning "desperately'' too. Doesn't give Denver any edge.

9:50 AM Brian Griese told Mike & Mike that Manning to Denver is "very realistic," that John Elway will be the key factor if it happens, and he believes the Broncos would keep Tebow if they were to acquire Peyton.

9:27 AM Adam Schefter said on ESPN earlier this morning that Miami's chances of landing Peyton appear to be dwindling.

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