49ers sign Randy Moss; Texans not pursuing Manning; Broncos tender all five RFAs

12:45 AM Been asked for thoughts on Mike Silver's article. In an nutshell it's this: he took the path of max clicks.  Everyone else took one side of the argument, so hopping on the other was sure to get more play--especially given his historical treatment of Tebow. In this case, playing Tebow as the victim was bound to get the most eyeballs because most writers had already given the take that going after Manning--under any circumstance--was the right course of action. I remember Silver saying on radio once his job was to get people to read his stories. He knows what he's doing. That's why he's lasted as long as he has.   

12:01 AM Random thought from TJ after listening to the Brandon Stokley interview on 104.3 The Fan for the 3rd time: Stokley said, "if Peyton wants me to come back and play for the Broncos, I will."  Yeah, I know. I shouldn't read too much into this, right?  

11:30 PM Pete Prisco weighs in: The word I hear tonight from one league exec is he thinks Manning, Wayne and Clark all might be going to Denver.  

Not sure how much stock to put in this.  If Prisco's forecast is anything like his ability to pick NFL games on a weekly basis, this one is a loser.

11:16 PM Jeff Darlington (Brady Quinn's BFF): High-ranking Dolphins source says coach Joe Philbin indeed met with Manning for 6 hrs tonight in Indy. Again, few details from team's side.

Joe Philbin or John Fox, who you got?  Give me the Marlboro Man any day of the week.

11:07 PM Former Coach Brian Billick on whether or not he'd want Tebow in a trade: they don’t want him, why should I?”

9:47 PM Mark Kiszla thinks John Elway cannot afford to miss out on Peyton Manning after having made such an aggressive push. Of course, he'll still be John Freaking Elway no matter what happens...

9:43 PM Mike Klis: Broncos have tendered all their restricted free agents: DT Ryan McBean, WR Matt Willis; Exclusive right FA: L. Ball, C. Clark, B. Colquitt

9:42 PM John McClain, to be clear: With Leinart gone Tuesday, Texans will have 2 QBs: Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates. AND, NO, THEY'RE NOT GOING AFTER PEYTON!!!!

9:38 PM According to Adam Schefter, the 49ers have agreed to a one-year deal with Randy Moss.

9:20 PM Adam Schefter: This is not to make room for Peyton Manning: Texans cut quarterback Matt Leinart.

9:00 PM Vic Lombardi still believes the Broncos are going to land Manning after all of this.

8:03 PM Of all people, it's Mike Silver who thinks Tim Tebow is getting a raw deal out of Denver's pursuit of Manning and how they handled it, and he suspects Tebow will be asking out of town if he hasn't already.

7:32 PM Adam Schefter: Titans were preparing to make run at Houston's Mario Williams, and now organization has shifted its focus to try to sign Peyton Manning.

7:06 PM Don Banks: If Manning really did hope Houston got involved, as his camp seemed to say, maybe he's not as eager now that its OL is weaker than expected.

7:04 PM Houston has surprisingly cut RT Eric Winston, whom PFF ranked as the 11th-best overall tackle in the league in 2011. Per John McClain: I'm shocking about Eric Winston. Never misses a game. As good as there is at RT. He's going to make a fortune on the open market. I believe Winston counted $6.5 million against the cap. Unbelievable. Their backup tackles are Rashad Butler and Derek Newton.

6:47 PM Kent Somers says Levi Brown would have been cut by Arizona regardless of Manning's status.

6:42 PM Albert Breer: One Titans source told me Bud Adams wants Peyton Manning worse than he wanted Vince Young. And that's REALLY saying something.

6:38 PM Don Banks: Manning meeting w/ Titans, Dolphins sounds courtesy-call-like to me. Played at Tenn and has home in Miami. No need to blow off your friends.

6:38 PM John McClain: Texans think they have a good thing going. Kubiak loves Matt Schaub. Team is committed to Schaub. They think they're on the verge . . . . .

6:28 PM Arizona has released Levi Brown, who has been their starting left tackle for all five of his seasons with the Cardinals, who picked him 5th overall in 2007. So, that's potentially one more advantage for Denver - they actually have a left tackle. Unless, of course, Peyton said he's not playing behind a guy who's given up 43 sacks over the past four seasons according to PFF. Brown's cap number for 2012 reportedly would have been $17M, and he was due a $6M roster bonus today. It appears that cutting Brown will save Arizona a shade over $14M against the salary cap.

6:15 PM President Obama chimed in on the Broncos' chances at signing Peyton: If natural beauty has anything to do with it, then I’m sure Denver will do pretty well.

5:27 PM Brandon Stokley says he worked out with Peyton Manning in a Denver park on Saturday and that Manning looks as good as he did six years ago when the two were together in Indy. Says the Slot Machine:

People who say the Broncos are crazy for not watching his balls fly, or what are they doing? Those people are dead wrong. I'll put whatever reputation I have on the line behind that guy right now. He looks great.

4:14 PM Klis's DP story says the Broncos are one of several teams in talks with agent Tom Condon about a contract with Manning. It's the Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Titans, 49ers, and Texans, with the latter two clearly the best teams in 2011 and earlier rumored as having the best shot at landing Peyton were they to get involved. Well, here they are.

4:01 PM Manning is NOT visiting the Texans - Omar Kelly cleared up his own boo-boo here: “@AsleepT: Peyton Manning to visit Houston now!!!! -- can we clear this up?” - bad text. Someone meant Titans but wrote Texans

3:44 PM Apparently Mike Klis says the Broncos have commenced contract talks with Peyton Manning: #Broncos Insider @MikeKlis reports team has started early contract talks with P.Manning

3:33 PM In Chris Mortensen's ESPN story, he says Manning will meet with Miami's Joe Philbin either tonight or tomorrow morning, and with Tennessee's Mike Munchak by Wednesday at the latest.

3:26 PM John McClain: Bud Adams is ready to give Peyton Manning anything he wants that will fit under the cap to get him to sign with the Titans. Titans coach Mike Munchak and Archie Manning were teammates with the Oilers in 1982 and part of 1983 before Archie was dealt to Vikings.

Still nothing about Houston being interested, this from the Houston Chronicle reporter.

3:21 PM Adam Schefter: NFL is taking away millions of dolllar of salary-cap space from Cowboys and Redskins for how they front-loaded deals during uncapped year. Cowboys lose $10 million in cap space, Redskins lose $36 million in space. Can split it over 2012 and 2013 any way they want. All that money goes to 28 other teams -- $1.6 million each -- except for Saints and Raiders, who don't get any but don't lose any.

3:19 PM Back on the home front, PFT says D.J. Williams and Ryan McBean have filed suit against the NFL as expected.

3:09 PM Mike Florio thinks Manning may be humoring the Titans' advances to catch the attention of the Texans, who are rumored to be Peyton's top choice. But although Omar Kelly says Manning will visit Houston, there's been no confirmation of that report elsewhere.

3:01 PM Chris Mortensen: Peyton Manning will meet w Dolphins coach Joe Philbin & Titans coach Mike Munchak during next 3 days, scheduled away from team facilities.

No mention of Houston from Mortensen, whose assertion that the process could go beyond this week is now making a lot more sense.

2:40 PM More bad news, this time from Omar Kelly: Peyton Manning to visit Houston now!!!! Manning is turning into quite the home wrecker. Wonder how quickly Matt Schaub gets extended if Manning doesn't sign with the Texans now. If the Texans cut him loose to land Manning pass the Dolphins Schaub and a biscuit.

2:22 PM Correction: Dennis Polian is now an assistant to Titans head coach Mike Munchak, per Alex Marvez.

2:15 PM As noted by TitanInsider, Dennis Polian (son of ex-Colts GM Bill) is Tennessee's director of football administration.

2:11 PM Mike Lombardi: NFL sources tell me that the Titans are preparing for a Peyton Manning visit in the next day or two...

Uh-oh. They have the cap room - plus, of course, Peyton played at UT, and his wife is from there; throw in that Alfred Williams hears Bud Adams could offer Peyton an ownership stake, and the Broncos could have some hefty competition they may not be able to match. Does Manning want to face Andrew Luck and the Colts twice a year (well, maybe he does)?

2:03 PM ESPN Page 2's D.J. Gallo figures the Broncos' 2011 offense and this trend of erecting QB-related billboards could scare Peyton away from Denver.

1:57 PM Alex Smith says he's close to re-signing with the Niners, which would eliminate them as a potential late bidder for Manning. (via PFT)

1:50 PM The Sun-Sentinel's Mike Berardino suggests the following: Marshall, in particular, could be viewed as a drag on the Dolphins’ pursuit of Manning.


1:17 PM More from Omar Kelly: Please understand the Peyton Manning negotiations is a FLUID situation, and it requires bidders. Presently three - Denver, Cardinals, Dolphins - at the table. Dolphins and Denver have the conference Manning wants. Cardinals will give him the offense he wants. Denver has the money he NEEDS to put his dream team together. This should be FUN.

1:14 PM Poor Omar Kelly, incurring the wrath of Tebowmaniacs on Twitter for his Jacksonville comment: I'm blocking like Dikembe Mutombo right now.

1:11 PM Lionel Bienvenu: Broncos sources quiet this morning. Still confident about signing Manning but not saying much else. #bunkermentality

1:10 PM Andrew Brandt: Not surprised Peyton negotiations haven't really started. Strategic decision to get teams and fans excited, then let the bidding begin.

1:08 PM Says Omar Kelly of the Miami Herald: The Denver Broncos are about to become the beasts of the AFC. Jacksonville....get your Tim Tebow jerseys out.

1:01 PM Actually, Hyde just changed his report: The Dolphins are NOT out: Strike that: They are NOT out of the running. Dolphins are in the running. Again, to repeat, the Dolphins are NOT out of the running, a source cure confirmed. Operator error on the "not" before ... Things still on. Dolphin source confirms Peyton Manning is still considered a viable option for team - "We're not out of it," source said

12:59 PM Dave Hyde of the Orlando Sun-Sentinel says the Dolphiins are turning their attention to Matt Flynn and are out of the Manning sweepstakes.

12:33 PM From Darren McKee, for what it's worth: Ok just got some info on an overheard convo amongst some broncos brass from sat nite. The question discussed wasn't what does it take to make the playoffs. The question is what does it take to WIN the super bowl. The takeaway is the broncos want to win the super bowl and want to win it now. Again broncos fans should be highly encouraged that John Elway is leading this team also I can't think of a better coach than fox to coach this team. They are focused on what is best to win ASAP. It is amazing how far the broncos have come post mcdaniels.

Doesn't really add much we didn't already know, because going after Manning is an obvious sign the plan is to win now. But hey, it's been a slow morning.

11:15 AM Mike Florio is beginning to doubt that Manning will throw for any of his suitors; of course, Pat Kirwan said five days ago not to expect Peyton to throw.

10:55 AM Chris Mortensen says he'd be "shocked" if Manning made a decision before the opening of free agency tomorrow afternoon. Mort even goes as far as to suggest the decision could stretch beyond the week, although he also suggests Denver remains the favorite.

10:30 AM From Doug Farrar's perspective, Bud Adams is going about this all the wrong way, and he figures the public nature of Adams's advances will be a turnoff to Peyton.

10:03 AM Adam Schefter says Manning will not visit any other teams, although he is already quite familiar with the Dolphins' facility, so going there would be unnecessary. Schefter says the Broncos are still the favorites to land the QB. (ESPN Video)

Mike Florio says the Broncos' cap carryover has been essential as a selling point for their courtship of Manning. Makes sense, as Denver has no maneuvering to do before signing Peyton and also adding other free agents, ie. his old Colts teammates.

9:38 AM Alfred Williams says Bud Adams has a major chip for Manning that could trump all others: If the Titans and the aging owner Bud Adams make a run @ PM I put the Broncos chances @ 50%. Adams is set to give PM ownership in Titans.

Armando Salguero says the Dolphins are still alive: The Dolphins are still in the Manning sweepstakes. It is not over after Manning's trips to Denver and Arizona. Doesn't mean the Dolphins will get Manning. But there is still hope.

NFLN reporter and former Miami Herald writer Jeff Darlington: While Dolphins sources have politely gone quiet, I have no reason to believe Peyton won't meet with the Dolphins. No sense of cancellation. On Friday, source was confident they'd get meeting "Sun, Mon, Tues," but Peyton's schedule was fluid – and it has continued to be fluid. Just keep in mind: These sources would not have reason to remain this deliberately quiet if Peyton canceled. And I really can't blame them. One ingredient for potential Manning/Dolphins meeting is in place: Stephen Ross' private jet is scheduled to land in Ft Laud. at 9:04 a.m.