Broncos expect Manning to choose by Monday night

11:45 PM No word yet if Tim Tebow plans to drop the "2" from GB². 

11:11 PM The way Doug Farrar hears it, the Chiefs aren't going quietly: Just talked to a reliable source in KC -- the Chiefs aren't out of it either. Productive meetings between KC and Peyton's people.

11:07 PM As Mike Florio reports, the Cardinals have serious work to do to create cap space if they want to sign Manning: The Cardinals are $16.4 million over the cap, as adjusted to reflect $2 million in 2011 carryover and $1.333 million in downward adjustments.  Amazingly, the Cardinals could have carried over $7.04 million.  They opted only to carry over $2 million.

Not sure why the Cards didn't carry over the full amount.  Did they not think this all the way until the end?

8:45 PM Klis reports that contracts were never discussed on either of Manning's visits to Denver and Arizona; Bowlen met with Manning for 20-30 minutes and Bowlen said he wants Super Bowls, not division titles; Brandon Stokley and John Lynch met with Manning while in Denver; Arizon was "red carpet" while Denver was "low key;" finally, Klis believes this could drag on until Tuesday if the Titans and/or 49ers were to make a run at Manning. 

8:10 PM Pedro Gomez: Peyton may not visit Dolphins facility but meet team officials. He spent entire week at facility before he won his Super Bowl. Knows it well

7:20 PM Vic Lombardi (CBS4) says that sources in Dove Valley believe they have an 80% chance of signing Manning; further, these same sources believe the only two teams on Manning's radar are Denver and Arizona.  Vic tweeted several minutes later his personal assessment: I say 50-50 coming to Denver. 

6:58 PM Michelle Beisner: Manning is leaving the cardinals facility right now!!! Manning left in the same white SUV that he arrived in. HC Whisenhunt was driving. Team Pres Michael Bidwill followed behind in a black SUV.

6:57 PM Kent Somers: Russ Grimm just left. Looks like things might be breaking up. And Manning leaves, 6 1/2 hours in tempe. Not sure where he's headed , probably to airport

6:12 PM Kent Somers: Manning been here 6 hrs now. Attach whatever significance you want to that.

6:07 PM Big Al is still confident: PM will be a Bronco

5:27 PM Alfred Williams (Big Al): Keeping promises seems big to the Manning family. The Broncos have to (sic) much to offer and the cap room to do it.

Big Al goin' all cryptic up in here. Sounds like he knows something to us.  What did Big Al know and when did he know it?  And who was standing on the grassy knoll when he knew it?

5:22 PM Per Somers, Phoenix reporter Mike Jurecki says Manning dined last night with Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm.

5:03 PM Per Kent Somers, a pair of ultra-dedicated Broncos fans are at Cards HQ wearing Denver jerseys: a Dawkins #20 and a Robertson #97. If it's meant to be a Dewayne Robertson, the guy never wore #97 in the NFL - only #63. Here's guessing it's just the guy's name...

4:43 PM Lombardi promises to break something on Manning at 5pm MST on CBS4.

We like Lombardi here; we have no problem pumping the broadcast.  If you live outside of Denver, we'll type it here as soon as it comes out of Vic's mouth.

4:40 PM In response to speculation that AZ has a deal with Manning, Kent Somers again indicates otherwise: doubt seriously Peyton has decided to become a Cardinal

4:36 PM Some outstanding Broncos fans arrive at Cardinals facilities to show support for Manning in Denver.

3:29 PM Kent Somers: Larry Fitzgerald leaves facility. He is leaving today for Australia. Andre Roberts arrives. He's a WR too

3:00 PM Phoenix sportscaster Tim Ring: NFL source close to Manning: The fact that the Cardinals play in a dome is a major selling point and is of great importance to Manning.

2:58 PM Jason La Canfora: Cap #s just released to teams. Cap is $120.6M for 2012 - close to 11 as expected. RFA tenders $1.26M; 2nd rnd $1.927M; 1st rnd tender $2.742M Franchise tags: QB $14.436; RB $7.742; WR $9.515; TE $5.446: OL $9.383; DE $10.605; DT $7.96j LB $8.856; CB $10.281: S $6.212 K/P $2.654

Cap number is largely unchanged; Denver still has loads of room - Arizona does not

2:52 PM Michelle Beisner: Cardinals president Michael Bidwill arrived a little over an hour ago. All the Red Birds are in place and meeting with Manning as we speak.

2:47 PM In response to Gambadoro's tweets, Kent Somers wrote: I have not information that a deal with Manning is close, much less done.

2:40 PM Phoenix sports radio personality John Gambadoro tweeted the following: Hearing Peyton to az. No details boys and girls just had a good nfl source saying Peyton to Arizona based on conference call today I'm awaiting more info

1:54 PM Tampa sports anchor Nicole Darin took down her tweet about Tebow being "rattled" by Manning talk, apparently after hearing from the Tebowmaniacs. (via Doug Farrar)

1:09 PM Vic Lombardi: I'm told Broncos expect a decision by Monday night. I don't see Manning visiting too many other teams before then.

12:45 PM Kent Somers says Larry Fitzgerald and several Cardinals assistant coaches are at team HQ along with Manning and Whisenhunt. It's assumed that Manning's agent Tom Condon is not present - just like he was not along for the ride in Denver.

12:25 PM Mike Florio sees the ESPN report of Manning narrowing his choice down to Denver and Arizona as a call for other suitors to step up, and for Miami to increase the size of whatever financial package they've been preparing.

12:14 PM Kent Somers: Peyton Manning has arrived at Cardinals facility with Whisenhunt. Fitz is here too as are several members of coaching staff.