Manning in Arizona; Broncos confident

1:05 AM Steve Nash is now putting himself into the Manning chase on the side of the Cards.  "It'd be a great fit here," Nash said. "There is a good offensive line and the best wide receiver in the game (Larry Fitzgerald), so that speaks for itself."

11:44 PM Alfred Williams places the Broncos' chances of landing Peyton Manning at 90%, for what that's worth

11:30 PM Kent Somers: Peyton Manning is definitely in Arizona, sources confirm

8:40 PM Mike Florio: A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Manning currently is “making it up as he goes.”  Per the source, Manning never envisioned being in this situation, and he simply hadn’t planned for it...Which means that it will be critical for the various suitors to establish with Peyton a real connection that will allow him to believe it’s the right move, wherever he ends up moving...In this regard, there’s also a benefit to being the last team who meets with Peyton.  If it’s a close call, the folks he’s with when he’s close to making up his mind will have a decided advantage.

7:40 PM Fox31 in Denver: A source told FOX31 Sports that Manning’s visit went “very well” and Broncos management “feel(s) strongly they are the frontrunners at this point.  The source indicated that Manning feels there are “no negatives with the Broncos.” Peyton would like to make a decision by Monday, but by Tuesday at the latest.

Sounds like Arizona has a small window here to blow Manning away.  It better be all that and a bag of chips if they are going to beat John Elway.

6:47: PM Dmac retweets: is PM just going on the rest of the stops on the tour to do the classy, right thing and in all actuality he's already a Bronco?

This is why I love me some DMac. He says he can't reveal more that his sources have told him, but then does his best to stick a flashing sign in your face. Obviously, this is speculation, but the Broncos must feel confident.

6:23 PM Klis' version of what Dmac tweeted: Manning off to Ariz. Bronco source characterizes Peyton Manning visit as productive. Team is hopeful and encouraged by time spent with him.

I almost feel worse for Klis than I do for Tebow.  Tebow's book sold a hundred-billion copies; Klis' book may have a shelf life that expires next Tuesday.

6:06 PM DMac believes Manning will be a Bronco from sources inside Dove Valley.  He also tweets: Hearing news that manning is headed to zona tnite. The denver visit was very positive. Wish I could reveal more but will have to leave it at that...

Given this and Glazer's tweet, one would assume the Broncos offered Manning the sun, moon, and an autographed Tebow jersey.  Sounds like those inside Dove Valley think this is going to happen.

6:00 PM Jay Glazer: Peyton Manning free agent tour is scheduled for its next stop as Cards sources say he's set to fly to AZ to meet w Coach Wisenhunt 2nite...Don't read into him leaving Denver without a deal. He never wanted to just take one visit & sign. Cards up next. Still gonna b fast process

4:33 PM Michelle Beisner: Per Broncos team source: There is speculation that talks could continue between Manning and The Broncos at some point on Saturday.

4:22 PM Safe to say we can now dismiss Spano's report. Says Mike Klis: Broncos source: Peyton Manning still in Denver. He's not at Broncos' headquarters. John Elway is at Broncos' headquarters.

4:19 PM Michelle Beisner: Broncos team source has confirmed, Manning still in Denver. Broncos were encouraged by their visit with Peyton yesterday.

3:47 PM Vic Lombardi: I can confirm, Peyton Manning is still in Denver. He's sort of a big deal around here. PM is not in the building. Wherever he sits, I'm sure it smells of rich mahogany.

Case in point - Lombardi has been far more reliable than any other Denver media member this week.

3:44 PM Brandon Spano: Very reliable source has just told me that Peyton Manning is at Broncos Headquarters at Dove Valley right now.

Granted, Spano said yesterday that the Chiefs had already offered Manning a contract - so take this with a grain of salt.

3:33 PM Says Nicol Darin of Tampa's WTSP: Tim Tebow changed his mind about speaking to media today at his D1 training event in Tampa. I imagine something to do w/ Manning speculation. Clearly #Tebow is rattled by #Manning's visit with the #Broncos. He refused to speak w/ media today as originally promised

3:12 PM Vic Lombardi: Spoke to a couple Broncos who are "giddy" about the prospects of landing Manning. Veterans.

Must be those selfish glory boys Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton. Oh wait...

2:47 PM Michelle Beisner: Broncos team owner Pat Bowlen, along with John Elway, and Brian Xanders all in the building here at Dove Valley. Lots for them to discuss!!

2:38 PM Darlington: Yes, if you're asking me to make an educated guess (speculation... I hate it), I think Dolphins get their meeting. But they better bring it.

2:34 PM Bill Williamson says Manning's visit with the Broncos is complete. However, the post reads like it was written by a drunk four-year-old, so let's wait for confirmation.

2:22 PM Jeff Darlington: A "so far, so good" sentiment coming from a few Broncos sources in brief text exchanges today. Not very telling -- only that optimism lives

1:42 PM Michelle Beisner: Broncos team source has told me there is "nothing set" by way of a meeting today with Manning. Whether or not he's still here, in question.

1:05 PM: Interesting news from Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic: at the cardinals facility, be stunned if they brought Manning here today. K. Warner has a charity event. lots of people, cameras here. 

The Cards want to give the Broncos even more time?

12:43 PM: Oh, if you haven't heard, all those guys the Colts dropped yesterday are going to cost them $38 million in empty cap Space.  Good luck, Luck. 

12:33 PM: Meanwhile DMac gets cryptic and makes us think something is going on: Let me just say this. There is no evidence he is here but there is no evidence he has left. Probably more good signs for broncos...Told some other stuff so I'm not there. I'm somewhere else but I don't want to get my source in trouble so I'll keep it real vague.

12:20 PM: Ira Kaufman tells us Tebow is publicly mute today: Tim Tebow just declared himself unavailable for interviews during a promotional visit to a Tampa sports training facility he co-owns...Tebow obviously did not want to answer questions about Peyton Manning's visit to Denver on Friday. Local media snubbed in the process.

This would confirm some of what Brandon Spano has been saying--minus the angry wig.

12:05 PM: Not sure about this information, but Brandon Spano reports that Tim Tebow isn't taking this Manning thing well: From what I have been told, Tebow's camp is furious. I love Tim, but it makes no sense to me. Your team has opportunity to get the G.O.A.T...Not surprised that Tebow is not talking to the media. His family is up in arms and Robbie has made it known. CAA been controlling the fire.

Hard to blame Tebow. Any competitor in this situation would be privately seething. The psychology books call for calm, however.  Carol Dwek, author of Mindset, would probably say Tebow needs to relax and try to use this experience as a growth opportunity--a chance to learn, so to speak. But what if you've been trying to do that for two years already?

12:03 PM: Lombardi en fuego on this Manning story.  He reports: Manning expected to visit other teams before making decision. Told that he came away very impressed with Pat Bowlen. Same goals...Keep in mind, pretty fluid situation. He may just like it here enough to stay. Broncos awaiting his next move.

11:28 AM: Contrary to the Beisner report, Vic Lombardi writes: LATEST on Manning: He's still here. Had a long, productive night with Elway and Fox. Nothing scheduled with Broncos today. Now they wait.

Who do we believe here, Vic or Beisner?  Beisner is much hotter than Vic, but Vic has better sources.

11:27 AM: Mike Klis reports that there weren't six at dinner last night, only John Fox, John Elway, and Peyton Manning.

How much would you have bid for a seat at that table?

11:35 AM: Michelle Beisner reports: Peyton's Place is still in Denver, for the time being anyway. Stayed overnight, and team sources have told me they are re-grouping today.

And we're off and running.  Contrary to many report, it looks like Manning is still in Denver and will meet again with team officials--unless Beisner's "they" is a reference to team officials and not Manning and the Broncos.