Make a tackle, suffer a stroke. Yikes.

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we've discussed here before, it's been a particularly rough go for the Bills and their fans of late.

The team's founder and owner, Ralph Wilson, passed away, presumably accelerating a move out of Buffalo.

HOF passer Jim Kelly, who is among those trying to keep the team in Western New York, is facing a grueling cancer battle.

And if not for Kelly, Bills fans may have to pin their hopes for keeping the team in town to the especially awful human being Donald Trump.

Sadly, the hits just keep on coming.

New head coach Doug Marrone had a recent cancer scare, although thankfully, the malignant mole was successfully removed.

The rest of the bad press comes in the form of a pair of lawsuits: one frivolous, and the other depressing.

One so-called fan had the nerve to sue the team over the number of text messages they sent him and others. The organization has agreed to pay $3M to settle the suit, which this asshole brought because he received three more texts (over the course of two isolated weeks) than he'd agreed to receive.

As for the other suit, Buffalo's cheerleaders are the latest to bring to light the dehumanizing treatment they're subjected to.

Apparently, the Jills' employee handbook laid out how much bread cheerleaders could eat at formal dinners, and how often to change their tampons.

There were also, apparently, "jiggle" tests.

Disgusting. Of course, it's still not a surprise to learn that NFL cheerleaders are treated like shit.

(As for anyone who would raise the "they didn't have to sign up" argument, we hope those creeps don't have wives, daughters, girlfriends, granddaughters, or nieces, for their sakes.)


Michael Strahan advised DeMarcus Ware that the key to longevity as a pass rusher is to carry less weight around.

Of course, this leads Jeff Legwold to again harp on Von Miller's weight.

Andrew Mason discusses Denver's depth at linebacker.

It's nice that Legwold is sticking up for Chris Harris as the league's best slot corner, but to suggest that Champ Bailey is an objective observer is a bit much.

Mitch Unrein visited with Vic Lombardi on Monday.

What would make for a better gym class than catching passes from Peyton Manning?

Even for the NFL, there's something particularly obnoxious about crafting video previews of games that are at least 4.5 months away from occurring.


The 2014 regular season schedule will be released tonight during what is sure to be a nauseatingly painful television special.

ESPN will air one of this year's Wild Card games.

Former Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen's career came to an end last season when he suffered an on-field stroke.

Phil Costa cited the physical toll of football as his reason for retiring just weeks after having signed with the Colts.

Seattle is reportedly working on a new deal with CB Richard Sherman, while Cincy is said to be doing the same with LB Vontaze Burfict; Giants safety Will Hill is facing his third drug-related suspension in three years.


The SI guys evaluate Pitt DT Aaron Donald and Clemson wideout Sammy Watkins; Russ Lande discusses Pitt QB Tom Savage and A&M takle Jake Matthews; Matt Bowen scouts North Carolina TE Eric Ebron; Eric Edholm studies OSU LB Ryan Shazier and Missouri DE Michael Sam.

Gil Brandt lists 15 prospects he expects to go undrafted but who impressed him with their pro day performances.

In their latest mocks, Don Banks has Denver taking UCLA G Xavier Su'a-Filo at #31, while Eric Edholm has them taking Shazier at #31 and trading out of the #63 pick.

Chase Stuart and Jason Lisk discuss the hazards of trading away future picks for current ones, as with the ill-fated Alphonso Smith deal.


Mike Freeman thinks Maurice Jones-Drew is going to help Oakland back to relevance, and he expects Michael Vick to be the Jets' starting QB.

Drew Magary offers a solution to the mundanity of extra points and touchbacks.

PFT considers the neverending question of whether Joe Flacco is elite.


Having cut Bailey, the Broncos no longer have any players due workout bonuses this offseason.

According to the Harvard Sports Collective, Wonderlic scores provide zero insight to the future performances of NFL quarterbacks.

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