Lynch: Broncos didn’t know they wanted Wes Welker until Welker called them

Old friend John Lynch shared a fascinating story on how Wes Welker came to become a Denver Bronco this offseason. Here's what he tells Jay Glazer:

It went quietly - (adding Welker) wasn't a priority (for Denver) - they've got two pretty good receivers. But Welker picked up the phone; we share the same agent, and we're buddies. 

He said, "John, would you talk to your buddy Elway, and just let me talk to him? Get me on the phone with him, and I'll sell him on why I can help Denver win a Super Bowl. There's two places I'm playing: New England and Denver, because I'll either play with Tom or Peyton. Just let me get on the phone."

I talked to John, and I said, "Just talk to the guy."

(Elway) talked to (Welker), and he signed him the next day.

So, how did Welker pitch himself to Elway?

What (Welker) told me is, "Look, you've got Demaryius and Decker out there, it's easy to double those two. If you put me in there, forget about it. Who are you going to double?"

Pretty cool, right?

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