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Good Morning, Broncos fans. In case you were still hanging on, there's now nothing left to hope for except for pride and the Broncos' standing in the 2011 Draft. They are now 3-9 on the season and three games deep into last place in the West. Denver lost in Kansas City 10-6 by managing only 13 first downs and 247 yards of offense - 175 of which were provided by not as tough as Peyton Hills first-round bust emerging star/three-down back Knowshon Moreno. Kyle Orton turned in his worst performance ever of the year, managing an eye-poppingly bad 9-of-28 for 117 yards without a touchdown or interception. He did, however, have a fourth-quarter fumble and took four big sacks for a whopping 31 yards lost (although the last one was questionable). Denver was again atrocious on third downs, going 3 of 12 as they possessed the ball for a measly 22 minutes and 46 seconds. There'd be more irritation and sarcasm here, but fortunately I didn't see the game...


Here's the box score for your pained perusal.

Chris Hall and Broncos TV recap the game.

Highlights courtesy of NFLN.

Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton met with the press following yesterday's loss.

Champ Bailey and Knowshon Moreno spoke to reporters in the locker room. (Audio)

Legwold on the defense's performance.

Although he praises Kyle Orton's play this season, Kiszla thinks it's time to think about starting Tim Tebow.

Andrew Mason goes over some of yesterday's notable numbers.

Here's what Mason took away from the game.

LJ on Knowshon's career-best game in terms of rushing yardage.

Champ shut down WR Dwayne Bowe. Completely.

Klis focuses on Champ's fine game within the framework of his Denver career.

Woody thinks McDaniels should have gone for it on 4th and 4 from Denver's 39 late in the game.

Klis on Orton's struggles.

Notes from the DP, including an icy response from Robert Ayers to question of why he didn't start yesterday.


Teicher recaps the Chefs' win.

Notes from Kent Babb and more notes from the Star.

Babb on the job Brandon Carr did in keeping the Broncos' receivers quiet.

Plus, Babb on the return of Dexter McCluster to action.

Randy Covitz on the state of the Chefs.

Sam Mellinger says the Chefs will have choked if they miss the playoffs.

Chefs lineman Barry Richardson had a meltdown yesterday after getting taken out of the game.

Jokeland ran it down the Dolts' throats in beating them 28-13.

Tafur's notes on Jokeland.

Acee recaps it from the Dolts' side. Plus, his notes.

KSK shares some nice screen grabs of Phil Rivers watching his first December loss.


Dez Bryant's season is over.

Matt Bowen on the early games, the late ones and his winners and losers.

Don Banks wraps up the day - he think Shanny realized yesterday just what sort of mess he's in. Plus, he wonders why Knowshon didn't get the ball more late.

Tom Jackson apparently isn't a big believer in Josh McDaniels, but Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times appreciates the way he goes about saying it.

According to the Washington Examiner, Shanny isn't that bad of a drafter.

Meanwhile, referee Walt Coleman thinks Shanny is still coaching the Broncos.

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