Lombardi on Broncos free agency

Disclaimer: I like the Broncos free agency so far better than Mike Lombardi does.
When I was writing the article on Andra Davis, I mentioned to TSG that I hadn't heard anyone say a bad thing about him. JohnnyB pointed out that Cleveland has had lousy linebacking in the past two years. I'd mostly been looking at the quality of the man, but TSG pointed out the possible  issues with his job qualifications. It was an example of what happens each year - players get shuffled in new combinations, and the fans hope that the new group will out-play the last.

I'm not sure that Denver hasn't greatly imroved their secondary, for example, but they are picking up a lot of older players who might or might not still have what it takes. That's why you play the games.

You don't have to like Lombardi, but he has a lot of experience and watches the Broncos closely. Hence, a view from the other side, found here

 Does more mean better?

I don’t like the Broncos’ offseason so far.  Don’t believe that all the new players are an improvement.  Quality is more important than quantity in the UFA market.  I think Andra Davis is one of the slowest linebackers in the NFL and feel that many of their additions are role players and not top-level talent.  It seems the Broncos are behaving like a college team that recruits from junior colleges instead of hitting the high schools for long-range solutions.  I might be wrong, but my evaluation of some of the players the Broncos signed is not in tune with Denver.

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