Let me tell you about La La Land

Expectations in professional sports are a funny thing.  People get hired by companies to know something about sports, and they form opinions, which they then share with the world.  The point is, to get you or I to look at their website or watch their show on TV, so we'll be subsequently advertised to, and run and buy our women rings at Kay jewelers, and pick up a 12 pack of Budweiser on the way home.

With so many "pundits" (and as always, I mean that in a derogatory way,) consensus tends to form, and you get what we call an echo chamber.  Then Las Vegas sets our over-under at 7.5 wins, which you'd better believe is driven by what the pundtry (or more appropriately, the idiotry) say.  An over-under is an oddsmaker's best guess at the point on a line of outcomes which will induce half of all bettors to choose each outcome, thus guaranteeing income being earned by the bookmaker.  (Note: for the 2008 Broncos, take the over, and don't think twice about it.)

So, the situation is this.  Negative opinion about the Broncos pervades the idiotry.  We're smarter than them here at MHR.  I'm here to tell you that the 2008 Denver Broncos will seriously contend for a Super Bowl championship, and will win the AFC West in a non-suspenseful way.  I've never been to La La Land before, and I'm telling you the truth.  The reason why is Jay Cutler.  Just read the article I linked to, even if it is merely a validation of what we all already know.

Repeat after me.  Great quarterbacks win championships.  Jay is the most talented all-around QB in the NFL, and it's clear to everybody but Peter King that he's coming into his own right now.  (How was Jerry Jones' popcorn, assclown?)

When you have a great player at QB, other weaknesses don't matter as much.  We're going to score 450 points this year, and we're going to win 12-13 regular season games.  The only AFC team who will have a better record than us is New England, and we match up tremendously well with them.  We have more than a fighting chance against them in October, and then again in the playoffs.

This is not fandom, and this is NOT La La Land.  In fact, let's all pledge to discard that term from our language, vis-a-vis the Broncos anyway.  This is a call to raise expectations.  This is a call to embrace what will be the most likeable Broncos team in 10 years.  And this is a call to appreciate what we have in Jay Cutler, who is about to become the face of the NFL, much to the NFL's dismay.  We're probably not all the way ready for prime time, but you never know who is or isn't.  Who thought the Giants were last year?  They subtracted Tiki Barber, and won a Super Bowl.  You could have told 100 pundits that the Giants would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl before the season, and 0 would have picked them to beat New England.

Repeat after me.  The Denver Broncos will seriously contend for a Super Bowl championship, and will win the AFC West in a non-suspenseful way. 

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