Lombardi says Denver not committed to Tebow; Lammey calls report “BS”

NFL.com's Mike Lombardi posted a column today proclaiming that Tim Tebow has no support among the Denver brass, and that with Josh McDaniels out of the organization and John Fox wanting to "win now and worry about the future later," Tebow is merely at this point vying for the backup job with Brady Quinn. The former Broncos consultant says any team with Tebow needs to commit fully to developing him into a pro QB, and he speculates that such an undertaking will only happen in another organization that acquires him ala Steve Young and the Niners back in 1987.

Yet, as respectable as Lombardi's writing and knowledge of the league are, this one reads as hard to believe. It was only two weeks ago that Orton was reportedly thisclose to being shipped off to Miami, as clear a sign as any that the Broncos were prepared to move forward with Tebow as their QB, at least for the 2011 season. And while it's feasible that Orton has outperformed Tebow so much so that he's the clear starter right now, there are still four preseason games and 4.5 weeks to go before the opener versus Oakland. Could the Broncos organization have performed a complete 180 regarding their long-term plans at QB in a matter of two weeks? I find that dubious at best.

Cecil Lammey put it quite succinctly in responding to Lombardi's column today via Twitter:

PLEASE STOP the 'nobody in #broncos front office suports Tebow' talk - simply not true, he has the support of the franchise...just THINK - WHY?!? would the #broncos put Orton on the trade block after lockout was over if they DID NOT support Tebow?...any story you hear about Tebow not having any support in front office is BS

Meanwhile, NFL.com reports that tonight Orton will see 12-15 snaps, Tebow will play through the third quarter, and Brady Quinn will take the reins for the fourth quarter.

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