The Oakland Raiders are both old and bad

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Sorry for the delay in the Lard today. I didn't know I'd be filling in for Doug until about an hour ago, so I had to rush from my pedicure to my laptop.

Better late than never, right?

Obviously, the big news of the day was the Broncos' final roster and their subsequent depth chart. There were only a few surprises during the cuts.

First, the Broncos were much higher on Juwan Thompson than expected (my view: they are lower on Ronnie Hillman, despite his position on the depth chart). Second, Mitch Unrein beat out Kevin Vickerson.

If you've followed IAOFM for long, you know that Mitch Unrein is my favorite player of all time due to his affiliation with the University of Wyoming, so I'm pretty damn excited about it. Still, that doesn't make it any less surprising.

Vickerson's injury last year didn't help matters, as many have noted, but Unrein is also more versatile, both as an end and as a fullback on offense. In today's NFL, you need yourself a Swiss army knife if you want to survive.

As far as the depth chart is concerned, nothing really stands out except the dropoff in talent on the offensive line from the first to the second team. If the Broncos somehow falter this year, it will be because they were decimated with injuries along the offensive line; guys like Ben Garland and Will Montgomery were forced to play a lot of snaps.

Oh, one more thing--no way is Wes Welker going to be the backup punt returner this year.


John Elway insists that Brandon McManus is the Broncos' best option at kicker--for now, of course. I predicted earlier that Prater would lose his job. If McManus does well during the next four games, I still believe Prater is gone. I'm still reeling at the idea that Prater stays at La Quinta.

Woody Paige thinks the Broncos will destroy the Colts next Sunday. His reasoning? The Colts have a lot of injuries, Reggie Wayne is old and coming off injury, and the Broncos defense trains everyday in practice against the no-huddle offense. As much as I want to blast Paige for launching off rocket after rocket of hyperbole, he's probably right.

Mark Kiszla and Ben Hochman debate whether Wes Welker should retire. The result? Kiszla imagining Welker as his little brother. Interesting impulse, but sort of creepy and genetically impossible.

Kisla contemplates Broncos fans boycotting beer. Not sure about that, but I am sure Raiders fans should never boycott condoms.

Other Crap

The Texans want to give their leprechaun quarterback some backup. They acquired Ryan Mallett from the Pats for a sixth-round draft pick. But that's not the funny part. The funny part is the Pats thought they would be able to get a second- or third-rounder for Mallett at the beginning of the year, but he bombed so badly in the preseason, Belichick had to take out the trash.

Champ Bailey was cut by the Saints yesterday, due to an injury-plagued training camp. According to his agent, he still wants to play. Bailey has been so good for so long, it's hard for me to imagine Father Time beating him on a post route. But if Bailey quits now, he will have played five years in Washington and ten in Denver. If anyone tries to tell you Washington got more use out of Clinton Portis than the Broncos out of Bailey, you can rest assured that person is on serious medication.

49ers DE Ray McDonald was arrested on domestic violence charges. If proven true, the NFL can add it to his previous DUI. Now all McDonald needs to complete the trifecta is some tainted love tainted urine.

Surprisingly, Jeff Fisher had to answer the question as to whether it was a "football decision" to cut Michael Sam. No word as to whether it was Josina Anderson who asked the question.

Hilariously,the Oakland Raiders have the oldest roster in the NFL, but let's not discriminate against them because of age. Let's discriminate against them because they are a really shitty football team.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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