Kubes taken to Houston hospital

As John Fox prepares to undergo heart valve surgery this week, Broncos fans saw old friend Gary Kubiak endure a health scare of his own Sunday night on national television.

With the Texans and Colts exiting the field at halftime of their SNF matchup, Kubes dropped to his knees in apparent pain, and was taken via ambulance to an area hospital.

Old friend Wade Phillips, who has been mourning the passing of his father Bum, took over for Kubiak after halftime.

According to the Texans, Kubes never lost consciousness, and did not suffer a heart attack.

Of course, neither did Fox, and he is now expected to be sidelined anywhere from two weeks to two months.

According to multiple reports, Denver is expected to name Jack Del Rio the interim head coach in his absence.

Obviously, we extend our thoughts to Kubes & Family, and wish for him a speedy and full recovery from whatever ailed him tonight.

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