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Good Morning, Broncos fans! There were some positive developments yesterday as Knowshon Moreno, Andre’ Goodman and Wesley Woodyard returned to practice, albeit in limited fashion. Spencer Larsen is still out, while Champ Bailey did not practice for personal reasons. In case you missed it, Randy Moss was traded to the Vikings after more hissyfits in New England, and Roy Halladay pitched the second no-hitter in postseason history. Yes, I know - it’s baseball news and this is a football blog (plus I’m a Mets fan), but I find it deserving of mention, even here.


Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton met with the press yesterday (Videos).

Demaryius Thomas spoke about his appearance and success in the kick-return game. Plus, Andrew Mason discusses the situation on the O-Line.

Klis on the offensive line - their injury problems and their performance thus far. Plus, some notes from LJ.

Legwold points out that Baltimore is not a likely location to get the running game going. But as for the dearth of 100-yard rushers versus the Ravens, that would be trivia folks - not a stat. Really, what matters is team performance. No doubt, the Ravens are great at stopping the run. But please, put it in terms of team rushing yards - individual rushers gaining 100 yards only truly matter in fantasy leagues and when people are picking out jerseys.

FINALLY, a bit of sense regarding Peyton Hillis. Legwold does mention scheme fit, but nothing about his blocking acumen. Any chance Kiszla will read Jeff’s column?

Krieger comes up with something new - the Broncos need more from their running game to keep Kyle Orton upright. Okay, not so new. But he does refer to Kyle as Denver’s “meal ticket” and throws in “power blocking” for Ted. HA!

Woody apparently got slammed by emails criticizing his assertion that the Broncos were lucky to win on Sunday. Here’s his painful mailbag.

Cortland Finnegan tries to prove he’s not a dirty player by challenging Kyle Orton to a fight. Makes total sense, right?

Floyd Little got a chance to visit the White House and his old Cuse buddy Joe Biden.

Patrick Saunders submits Troy Tulowitzki as the current face of Denver pro sports.


The Dolts cut DE Alfonso Boone, plus some injury notes.

Kevin Acee isn’t sure how long the Dolts will keep Shawne Merriman around.

Jokeland will be without DT John Henderson for another five weeks or so, while RB Darren McFadden and LB Quentin Groves are likely to miss Sunday’s game versus the Dolts.

Some notes
on the Chefs.


As with FO’s ratings, the Broncos are sitting pretty low on Brian Burke’s efficiency ratings - naturally, they’re dragged lower by their running game.

Burke also shows us how often FG attempts are blocked.

Matt Bowen explains what the return of Randy Moss will mean for the Vikings offense. Meanwhile, Andrew Brandt, Don Banks, and Peter King offer their takes.

Mike Silver does the same, and reminds us that Kyle Orton was supposed to have no arm in keeping the Broncos at #20.

The Cards are switching QBs again, now going with rookie Max Hall.

Jay Cutler is back practicing after his concussion. Plus, Matt Bowen shares his remarkable notes on Mike Martz from his own playing days.

Meanwhile, Ryan Torain is getting the nod in D.C. as CP will be missing 4-6 weeks with a groin injury. Yes, Ryan Torain. “WHY DOES McA-HOLE WANT TO TURN THE BRONCOS INTO THE F-ING PATRIOTS?!?!?! Wait, what? You mean every coach does this? Even Shanny? Oh. WELL WHY DID WE CUT TORAIN THEN? PROBABLY BECAUSE HE’S A SHANNY GUY, AND Mc#$!@FACE HATES SHANNY GUYS!! Oh, what? Champ, DJ, Doom, Eddie, Clady, Kuper, Harris and Graham are all Shanny guys, too? WELL I’M SURE THEY ALL LIKE SHANNY BETTER!”

Packers LB Nick Barnett may be done for the year, while Saints LB Tracy Porter is out for a few weeks after knee surgery.

Doug Farrar explores the Pistol offense.

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