Knowshon and Goodie maybe? Lard 10-5-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Some potentially good news coming, as the Broncos have reportedly restarted talks with Champ Bailey’s agent on a four-year extension. Plus, the Broncos expect Knowshon Moreno and Andre’ Goodman to return for the game at Baltimore. But cross your fingers; don’t hold your breath.


Josh McDaniels and Robert Ayers met with the press yesterday.

Ted Bartlett says the Broncos finally have a tough, physical football team. Plus, Josh McDaniels’ excellent game management skills, Robert Ayers’ dominance in the running game and going for it on fourth down, among other things.

McDaniels realizes he screwed up in calling a timeout with 0:28 left in the first half on Sunday, allowing the Titans time to tie the game up with a long field goal.

McDaniels and Jeff Fisher went back and forth a bit on Kyle Orton’s assertion that the Titans play a bit dirtily.

LG Stanley Daniels shares details of his tumultuous upbringing with Gary Miller. Easy to root for this guy…

Legwold on giving Orton better protection in 3-WR sets.

Legwold says the Broncos need to run the ball to keep Orton alive. Think we’ll be hearing that much this week? Plus, a few more thoughts from Legwold.

At least Klis seems to understand that passing, rather than running, correlates to winning. It’s actually one of the best DP mailbags I’ve read in awhile, with lots of intelligent questions.

LJ on Robert Ayers setting the edge and the performance of the defense versus the run. She also shares a few tidbits about the Ravens.

See what the FO guys were emailing about on Sunday during the games. Kyle Orton won over another guy, apparently.

Brian Burke analyzes a couple of late decisions from Baltimore’s victory Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Mike Preston of the B-Sun assesses the Ravens’ performance through the first quarter of the season.

Kiszla puts more fuel on the Peyton Hillis fire. As you can imagine, no talk of schemes or the completeness of the player. Funny, it’s these writers who probably think fantasy football is a terrible thing who also tend to use football logic that only works in a fantasy league…


The Chefs think they’ll be able to hang with the Colts. With a young defense, though? Tough to imagine…

Dolts starting safety Steve Gregory was suspended four games by the NFL for PEDs. Plus, LB Jyles Tucker is out for the season with a torn pec.

Before you write off the Dolts, they do lead the league in both offensive yards gained and defensive yards allowed. Meanwhile, some SD bars and restaurants may be in trouble for showing the blacked-out game on Sunday.

The Cable Man thinks he has the right guys on defense. Really?


Mike Lombardi points out that the Denver defense deserves more kudos for their performance Sunday.

Brian Burke takes a deep look at success rates and running the ball.

Boy, that 2007 Draft sure provided a bunch of crappy QBs, including our own Brady Quinn…

I had no idea how the guys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber felt about our old QB Cutler. Oh my….

Plus, Kissing has an excellent response to PK’s MMQB from yesterday. Scroll down for their reaction to his assessment of the Cutler/Orton trade.

Matt Bowen has a plan for the Bears to better protect Cutler.

Mike Silver has a new Tuesday Morning column, apparently.

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