Knighton says he’s not holding out

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The draft is still a week and a half away, so that means Donald Sterling and his racism are still bigger than any NFL story.

Sterling's Clippers offered a mild protest before their game on Sunday, by turning their warm-ups inside out.

Several more rebukes of Sterling were issued, including from his own estranged wife, Kevin Johnson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Matt Kemp, and a pair of Warriors fans.

This morning, Kevin Johnson added that NBA players are demanding "the most severe sanctions" possible be handed down to Sterling. But as that Deadspin piece suggests, there's only so much that can be done to a billionaire.

Shaun Powell, Charles Pierce, and Jeb Lund offer more thoughts on Sterling and the Clippers.


Mike Klis says the Broncos "plan to" exercise their 2015 option on Von Miller this week; Terrance Knighton tells Klis he will honor the latter half of his two-year contract without a holdout.

Jeff Legwold floats the ridiculous notion that patience in the draft is more important at certain junctures than at others.


A summary of the key points from Peter King's latest MMQB column:

  • Owner Tom Benson is donating $5M to the ALS foundation of former Saints player Steve Gleason. Bravo.
  • PK thinks there's a good chance Atlanta trades up to #1 or #2 so they can draft Jadeveon Clowney.
  • King finally pushes back against the ridiculous standards set for Johnny Manziel's social life.

Sarah Sprague interprets the thing.


A fan is suing the NFL for $50M over teams' geographical restrictions on sales of playoff tickets. At first blush, it seems a bit silly, but understand that the amount of the suit is for attention's sake (both the NFL's and ours), and frankly, the guy's reasoning is pretty sound.

NFL director of football ops Troy Vincent would like for the league to reestablish a developmental league of some sort.

Cleveland is bringing QB Vince Young to their minicamp for an extended tryout; the Giants added QB Rusty Smith.


Jim Corbett discusses cornerback prospects, with a focus on Okahoma State's Justin Gilbert, who reportedly visited Dove Valley last week.

Greg Gabriel ranks his top five defensive end prospects; Eric Edholm considers defensive line prospects; Frank Schwab studies Baylor RB Lache Seastrunk.

Mike Mayock lists his top five prospects at each position.


The data tells Aaron Gordon that the NFL comes up with its primetime TV matchups based upon a combination of prior year records and popularity.

Chase Stuart looks back at the last ten years' worth of trades for future first-round picks.

Mike Tanier ponders whether the Rams' offensive problems stem more from Sam Bradford or from Mini Marty's offense, and then gives more thought to Schottenheimer's obsession with short passes.

Trend hunter extraordinaire John Clayton says that the really shitty teams of 2013 are trying to get to .500 this year, and that this is something new. First off, does anyone really try to be a .500 team, and second, if that's even the case, what would make this a new phenomenom?

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