Klis: PM recruited Welker, no progress w/Dumervil

A pair updates of interest from Mike Klis:

1. There's been no progress between the Broncos and Elvis Dumervil; Klis thinks this could stretch until Friday, which is essentially Denver's deadline. Of course, now that PMFM & Co. will be posting 40+ per game, who needs defense?

2. Manning was among those to put in a recruiting call to Wes Welker, which had to be somewhat bittersweet for Peyton, assuming he's not a cyborg (big assumption). Welker figures to replace Brandon Stokley, who was part of the Duke reenactment of the 2009 AFC title game, hosted Manning for his first recruiting trip to Denver last year, and came out of retirement to join his buddy with the Broncos.

Plus, an anecdote from Jeff Darlington:

What is Wes Welker like when he isn’t under the close watch of the Patriots' eye? Consider how he retaliated to pranks in college…

Welker once bought two hairless rats, threw them into running backs’ meeting room, turned off lights and locked the door from the outside.

One time, when circus was in town, Welker filled garbage bag with elephant (stuff) and hid it above ceiling tiles in another meeting room.

In other words, Broncos teammates, prank him at your own risk. Yes, Peyton, that means you.

BTW, we've added more Welker links to the bottom of our original story on his signing.

Updated 8:56pm ET

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