Klis: Expect Broncos to use franchise tag on Demaryius Thomas

According to Mike Klis, the Broncos plan to use their franchise tender on pending unrestricted free agent Demaryius Thomas, with hopes of locking him into a multiyear contract before training camp.

The tender value for wideouts was $12.3M last offseason; how much that figure rises next year will depend upon the overall salary cap increase. Klis puts the 2015 number at $12.7M, but that is likely based upon a conservative $138M-141M cap estimate.

We're guessing it's going to end up north of $13M, but either way, it will be in the Broncos' best interests to get a deal done with Demaryius, so that they're not kicking the guaranteed money can a year down the road.

As for Denver's other big free agents, Klis says Denver will likely reopen talks with Julius Thomas prior to the start of free agency, and he figures Will Montgomery will be easier to re-sign than any of Terrance Knighton, Rahim Moore, and Orlando Franklin.

Klis places Moore's value in the neighborhood of $3M-5M/year, and Franklin's from $4M-7M.

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