Klis: Broncos won’t wait long for Dan Quinn, may consider Doug Marrone

The Broncos will apparently be rooting particularly hard for Green Bay on Sunday, and not just because the Seahawks demolished the Broncos in SB 48. According to Mike Klis, John Elway & Co. are unwilling to wait for SB 49's conclusion to interview Seattle DC Dan Quinn, as they would have to do if the Seahawks should prevail in the NFC title game.

As Klis explains, the extra two weeks of waiting would be costly, making it hard for Denver's next coach to gather a staff of assistants.

According to Klis, Denver may even consider Doug Marrone, who opted out of his Bills contract but has failed to land another job. He was immediately considered the frontrunner for the Jets gig, but reportedly bombed his interview, and has been trashed both publicly and anonymously by ex-colleagues.

Then again, Marrone did pull off the near miracle of a winning season with Kyle Orton as his quarterback (only Lovie Smith had accomplished that feat before).

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