Klis: Broncos see Kayvon Webster as strictly a cornerback

Omar Bolden and Kayvon Webster are not seen as candidates to replace Rahim Moore if and when he departs via free agency, reports Mike Klis in his latest mailbagOne of Denver's leading rumormongers had suggested last month that the Broncos would have Webster compete at free safety, but Klis unequivocally states otherwise:

Webster is a cornerback.

Yes, Klis is sometimes wrong on things, but we'll always trust his reporting over someone who throws shit at the wall everyday, hoping that something will stick. Given the terseness and unwavering nature of Klis's statement, part of us has to think it was written that way with one specific person in mind.

Other items of note from his mailbag:

- Klis thinks reports of friction between Johns Elway and Fox have been completely overblown, and he believes Elway had been waiting since Day 1 for a chance to hire his buddy Gary Kubiak. That's pretty believable.

- Brandon Marshall will play the strong inside linebacker position in Wade Phillips' defense, while Danny Trevathan will be the weak inside linebacker.

- And of course, here's where Klis slips in the fact that Marshall is an ERFA, not an RFA, as he'd reported earlier. It's really baffling that these veteran paid journalists just move past their earlier incorrect reports without any corrections or acknowledgments. It's kind of insulting to readers who pay attention to the details, isn't it?

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