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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! I don't bother linking to Kerry Byrne anymore because the guy is a statistical hack, and his latest column is no exception. But it also mentions the 1998 Broncos, so I figured why not take a closer peek.

I should have resisted the urge, because it gets ugly, and fast.

As expected, the whole thing is a joke, because Byrne tries to make the case that in 1998, the SB 33-losing Chris Chandler had the best year that any QB had had in 42 seasons. Yeah, better than seasons by Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Steve Young. The guy completed 58.1% of his passes with a very high INT rate of 3.7%, and it's a historically peerless season?

Not quite. As usual, the problem with Byrne is that he picks a stat, declares it to be the best, and then claims it to prove everything thereafter. In this case Yards Per Attempt is his obsession. And yes, it's a good stat - as we always note, rate stats are far better than counting stats. But as we've also discussed plenty of times, there are better QB rate stats than YPA, including AY/A, NY/A and ANY/A, all from PFR. These figures all correlate better to winning than does YPA.

In classic Byrne chest puffery, he writes:

The list is important, as intelligent devotees of the Cold, Hard Football Facts know, because passing YPA is the single easiest measure of passing success and, therefore, of team success. It's much easier to understand and to explain than passer rating. More than just easy, YPA is also a very effective measure of passing success and of team success.

Wow. Talk about intellectual laziness. Mixed with equal part arrogance, and we have a powerful combination of hubris. YPA > NY/A and ANY/A only because Byrne has to stick to the premise of some article he wrote years ago, and he ignores the higher correlation to winning of other stats.

ANY/A, of course, incorporates TDs and INTs into the metric, which is notable in this case because Chandler threw a ton of picks in 1998. To wit, a look at those 42 years of data that Byrne is using (why 150 attempts is the threshold is beyond me) shows that Chandler's 1998 season was only the 13th best in terms of ANY/A.

If we shorten the time period (because of course, passing has gradually become more prevalent over time), it's only the 12th best season in terms of ANY/A in 15 years. See how that works? You go back an extra 27 years, to when QBs had much less efficient stats, measure with a rate stat shown time and again to be inferior to others, and suddenly Chandler's stats seem historically great. The 12th best season in 15 years according to ANY/A is instead the single greatest passing year in 42 years according to Byrne.

He even has the nerve to specifically say that Chandler's 1998 season was better than Marino's 1984 campaign:

Hall of Famer Dan Marino averaged 9.01 YPA in his record-shattering signature 1984 season

Funny that there's no mention of any of Marino's other stats. Let's compare the two seasons:

Year Age G QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Y/A Y/G Rate Sk Yds NY/A ANY/A Sk% AV
1984 Marino 16 14-2-0 362 564 64.2 5,084 48 8.5 17 3 9 317.8 108.9 13 120 8.6 8.9 2.3 21
1998 Chandler 14 13-1-0 190 327 58.1 3,154 25 7.6 12 3.7 9.6 225.3 100.9 45 283 7.7 7.6 12.1 15

Chandler had a terrific season, really.

But Marino's was far superior by every measure in terms of counting and rate stats, except for one - Yards Per Attempt. And Byrne wants to use that one figure to declare Chandler's was better.

My head hurts, and frankly, I wish I could unsee this abomination.

Okay, better go back to ignoring Byrne, for sanity's sake.


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