KC @ Denver flexed; three Broncos fined

Although it had been reported last month that CBS had chosen to keep the Broncos' two matchups with the Chiefs from being flexed to SNF, that's exactly what has happened with the Week 11 game in Denver.

Originally scheduled for a 4:05 pm ET start, the game will now kick off at 8:30 pm, replacing Packers/Giants.

The two teams will meet again two weeks later at Arrowhead, and that game's kickoff is expected to be shifted from 1 pm ET to 4:25 pm ET.

That Week 13 change figures to be the NFL's way of compensating CBS for the loss of the earlier matchup, by allowing it to get the Arrowhead game into more homes. According to CBS, the SAF@MH showdown would not have been nationally televised, and that's why they sacrifice the game.

Meanwhile, three Broncos defenders have been fined for hits from the win over Washington. Of course, Kevin Vickerson was docked for his tardy hit on RG3, while Malik Jackson's late hit on Pierre Garcon and Wesley Woodyard's head-to-head shot on Kirk Cousins also drew fines.

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