Judge dismisses D.J. Williams’s lawsuit; LB faces suspension

A U.S. District Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by D.J. Williams against the league, meaning the Broncos linebacker will likely serve a six-game suspension for having violated the NFL's policy on performance enhancing drugs.

The league had accused Williams and former teammate Ryan McBean of submitting non-human urine samples for steroid testing, but the two players had already lost their appeals with the commissioner's office by the time their suspensions were announced in March. Both McBean and Williams had received six-game penalties; McBean settled for a three-game ban and dropped his own lawsuit against the league, but Williams was apparently not offered the same deal.

Williams's lawsuit alleged that the urine sample had been compromised by a missing seal and faulty chain of custody, but the judge found no reason to question the league's appeal process. The ninth-year linebacker, who will turn 30 on July 20, is also facing an August trial for a DUI charge and could potentially end up with an even lengthier suspension. A mistrial had been declared during jury selection for the DUI case a month ago today.

D.J.'s lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, says they will consider an appeal. Ginsberg is also representing Jonathan Vilma in his appeal of a yearlong suspension for his participation in the Saints' alleged bounty system. Williams and Vilma were teammates at the University of Miami and were both taken in the first round of the 2004 Draft.

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