Josh McDaniels fired as Broncos coach

Within the last five minutes, 104.3 The Fan is reporting, along with Adam Schefter, that Josh McDaniels has been fired as coach of the Denver Broncos.

Details are sure to emerge soon.

This certainly doesn't come as a surprise to Broncos fans.

While I could certainly cite all of the statistics for why he was let go, perhaps Alfred Williams said it best (I'm paraphrasing):

"Pat Bowlen wasn't going to let this organization continue like this for one more day." 


Adam Schefter is reporting that Broncos running backs coach, Eric Studesville, will be interim head coach.

UPDATE @ 4:42 PM (MST):

This move came so fast that Brandon Lloyd said he just found out (4:43 MST) while driving in his car to the 104.3 studios via twitter.   Lloyd said practice went normal today with no signs of McDaniels being fired.  Lloyd is shocked.  

Further, Lloyd said that all the Broncos' players are right now texting each other in shock as well trying to figure out if it's true.  Players have no idea what is going to happen, although they have Tuesday off.  Lloyd is certainly giving the impression that he feels that McDaniels might have had a bit too much on his plate.

From Lloyd: "Coach McDaniels is a player...he's volatile...he's unpredictable...he wears his emotions on his sleeve...he was like us...I liked wouldn't see a player running a team for that reason."

More from Lloyd: "He's a hell of a coach.  Perhaps he shouldn't been making personnel decisions as such a young age, but he's a hell of a coach."  

Even more from Brandon:  "You can say that, yes, the players need to execute, but who picked the players?"

Lloyd keeps giving gems: "With his process he was going to need a good six or seven years to build his system."

When asked if there were riffs between the coaching staff, Lloyd said he wasn't aware of any disagreements or arguments between coaches--none at all.

From Original Entry:

Williams indicated that reports are that Troy Calhoun, current coach of Air Force (and former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Houston Texans), will be named the interim head coach shortly.    It should also be noted that Calhoun was with the Broncos as an assistant from 2003-2006. is reporting that secondary coach Ed Donatell will be interim coach. 

Should be interesting indeed.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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