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Good Morning, Broncos fans! With Peter King mourning the loss of his brother, Greg Bedard sat in for today's MMQB column.

Within it, Bedard touches upon an issue we've been discussing here of late - compensatory picks.

Writes Bedard:

Basically, compensatory picks are awarded to teams that lose more players in free agency than they signed, with a premium put on salaries paid, playing time that season and postseason honors. There’s a loophole that the smart teams try to hit on: Players who are “street” free agents because they were released by their teams (as opposed to those who are free because of expired contracts) don’t count in the formula.

According to Bedard, ending up with (cost-effective) comp picks is part of the offseason strategy each year for Baltimore, New England, and Green Bay.

Obviously, it makes a lot of sense, as having more picks means you have a better chance of finding good players (unless you're the Raiders).

Denver last had a comp pick in 2011, when they took Jeremy Beal 247th overall.

Although the team went on another spending spree this offseason, they may be lined up for a comp pick or two next year.

Sticking with Bedard's format, here's where Denver currently stands:

Lost: Zane Beadles, Eric Decker, Wesley Woodyard, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Robert Ayers, Knowshon Moreno, and Shaun Phillips.

Champ Bailey was cut, so he surely doesn't figure as a lost player.

Jeremy Mincey also departed, but given his brief time with the team, we're guessing he won't count for much, if anything. Trindon Holliday was not tendered as a restricted free agent, so he may not count.

Signed UFA: T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib, Emmanuel Sanders

Signed street FA: DeMarcus Ware, Will Montgomery


According to Jeff Legwold, the Broncos are happy with John Fox but made clear during their recent contract negotiation that they expect more out of the team.

Stuart Zaas goes over Denver's history of drafting tight ends.


The league and union are meeting over the next couple of days to talk about player conduct and playoffs expansion.

How Roger Goodell decides to punish Colts owner Jim Irsay over his drug arrest and ties will be quite fascinating, and many on the players side are interested to see how it all plays out.

Cleveland added WR Nate Burleson and are putting out word that they'd quickly match an offer sheet for center Alex Mack from Jacksonville, if it's for $22M guaranteed, as reported. As Jason Fitzgerald sees it, the Jags' only chance to wrest Mack away from the Browns is to overpay him, because it won't come down to cap room.

Chicago added C Brian De La Puente; Carolina will host ex-Eagles WR Jason Avant.

Former Broncos and Colts corner Cassius Vaughn is working out for Detroit; ex-Broncos and Giants running back Andre Brown will visit Houston.

The Titans are explaining their release of RB Chris Johnson by saying he had a poor work ethic.

DeSean Jackson

As usual, John Clayton sees a trend in everything - including the idea that somehow, DeSean Jackon's move from Philly to Washington proves the quality of the NFCE. Bizarre. claims the Eagles organization had nothing to do with their having dragged Jackson's name through the mud a couple of weeks ago.

Jonathan Tamari is anxious to see what comes of the probable disaster that is Jackson + Dan Snyder.


Johnny Manziel is taking a two day visit with the Raiders, who currently hold the #5 pick in the draft.

Mike Tanier's ranking of the best multiple first-rounders taken by the same team shockingly does not include Moreno/Ayers and Thomas/Tebow.

Greg Gabriel scouts junior wideouts Donte Moncrief of Mississippi and Cody Latimer of Indiana.

Khaled Elsayed revisits the Raiders' iffy draft classes of 2009 through 2011.


Although Denver's defense did not blitz particularly often last season, they were surprisingly productive when doing so. PFF's data also says the pass rush was pretty good when not blitzing.

Chase Stuart shows that NFL coaches don't tend to be fired more quickly today than they did forty years ago.

Here's part two of Richard Deitsch's excellent roundtable discussion on race in sports media.

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